Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday, Monday...

I peered out my blinds this morning and saw that it looks all nasty outside.

On top of that, it is cold. Well, cold being 56 degrees.

Cold weather and rain are not a good combo.

Doesn't matter. I'm doing half a day today. I got this perpetual headache going on and I just don't feel like being bothered. It's not as bad as it has been in the past, but I just need to sit down somewhere and be still.

Much of this is due to me being dehydrated... and that time of the month coming up.


So I am laying here in bed drinking water. I just had my morning oatmeal dressed all up with raisins, pecans and almond milk.

And I WILL get through this quart of water this morning.

I don't plan to go in until 2 pm. Work is just horrible right now. Morale is in the toilet, and I do my best to keep my own morale up, but hell, it just ain't working. No one is sure where our boss' head is at. She's pretty much checked out on us as far as I'm concerned. Our ship is floating to and fro in a mighty windswept ocean, with no direction whatsoever. I hope things will get better.
I really do.

Some crazy comment was made about me by someone. I was told about it. Of course, it was a lie. I think people do that type of thing to make themselves feel better or something. It didn't bother me, but it bothered the other person, for they knew it wasn't true. I hate when that type of thing happens. Nothing worse than conjured up drama, you know? I was just glad that the person respected me enough to tell me, and express their opinion. I was very glad I have that respect of that person. And of course, I threw that piece of information on a mental post it note. Good to know what people who smile in your face really think of you. That's a REALLY good thing to know.

We had an awards ceremony last week, to which I didn't go. I had too much paperwork. The boss told me I needed to go. This fell on deaf ears. It is all some type of trick to me. Lately, when I take time to go to extra stuff like that (as I'm instructed to do, mind you), my clock gets cleaned, i.e., I get in trouble for not getting my work finished.

So I may as well get my clocked clean over something like a meeting like that.

Here's the kicker: I didn't know that it was an awards ceremony. And I was getting awards. My bad.

Not sure why I'm getting awards, since I am made to feel like I'm sorry as hell. That really confuses me. It's like you just negated your strange treatment of me. Why would one do such a thing. Makes them look bad, not me. Very confusing.

It may be some reverse psychology thing.

I am too old for that. Let me sit at my desk and get my work done. Before I am made to go off and help other people get there stuff done, that is. Thereby posing further delay in me getting my own work done. Resulting in me getting dissed.

A vicious cycle, no less.

I see an interesting pattern in all this.

Interesting. And that's the end of my workplace rant. Most important lesson I learned from the week: Some things you just have to hold up in prayer. Period.

My weekend. I was bone tired after a long week, so the weekend was welcome.

I went to church on Friday night, as my usual custom. Not as of late, but getting better at it. Just because I'm bone tired don't mean I need to skip out on Church. I attend one of the super megas, so Friday night is a good 100 folk, in the small chapel, and I get to hear from some of the assistant pastors, who I think frankly are much better than my own pastor, so that was good thing. So I came away with a good set of notes very much related to my strange week, and a good plan of action. That's all I can ask for, and I am thankful for that.

I hung out at Nikki's family house on Saturday night. I think they have sort of adopted me or something, and that is fine by me, lol. Anyway, they have these amazing Pokeno games from time to time, and I got in on it. $1.25 buy-in per game, so I spent times going through my change for a gang of quarters for playing. I baked up a few batches of cookies and went on over there. As usual there was a gang of food. Apparently someone cooked it up and Nikki's Ma went and picked it up. I carried some of my veggie stuff with me, but I had some VERY good green beans and hush puppies. (I told the man that cooked all that food that the beans were good, I just had to kick that pork out of my green beans, lol).

Nikki's brother 'Swad called from Cali. Someone said the phone was for me, which I found odd, since I'm at someone else's house, lol. But I talked to him. He's been vegetarian for 10 years and has been really helpful, happy to answer any questions, sort of mentoring me along the way. We yacked about that. So I have some new really good ideas of where I want to take my lil' vegetarian journey.

At the end of the night, I'd won 89 bucks in the final Pokeno game. I hadn't won anything all night, but that last game was my game. I was happy about that! I may just go put all of that in the debit account that Grandma has under my name. Call up grandma and tell her to go have a good time at the Family Dollar store she loves so much, lol...

Sunday was a good day. I went to the Farmer's market to do my shopping. It was crowded down. I don't like crowds, with all that pushing and maneuvering around. I may have to change my shopping day to a weekday... I also hit the white people's Kroger and picked up my prescriptions. I spent the rest of the day watching football, reading and crocheting. That's what I call a GOOD Sunday! Well for me, anyway.

Not sure what this week holds for me. No telling what's going to be going on at work. I plan to plan my work and work my plan the best I can. I always get things done during the week. My goals are lofty, but I'm going to start celebrating that which I do get done. That's a good way to look at things.

This week is going to be a good week. I'm saying that on purpose. Period. I'm gonna let the B.S. be simply what it is: B.S.

Stay tuned for more vacation pics: the ocean, the food, the beautiful landscaping... amongst other things, lol.

Ya'll make it a good week, too.


  1. $89? Good for you.

    I've made a decision. I don't bake. No one I know bakes ... except you, that is. So, I am going to find a really good cookie recipe and learn how to bake myself some daggone cookies. Everytime you talk about them I feel like Pavlov's dog!

  2. LOL @Chele! Dang Lee you won 89 bucks!!!Awesome!!! How many people were playing and I know that was 4 corners right? Love playing Keno folks are crazy during that game!!

  3. Anonymous4:22:00 PM

    LOl @ telling your grandma to have a good time at the Family Dollar store. I love the elderly! lol

  4. Loved the patience you displayed in your actions and thoughts in writing this post.

    Good for you. Good for Grandma.

    Keep it moving Sis, I'll do the same over here.

  5. Anonymous4:39:00 PM

    The work place is becoming more difficult these days. I know folk who are struggling and have no voice at all. They're just taking whatever is dished out.

    Like Brown Blogger said, "Keep it moving," and I'll add to your response, to be prayerful through it all.


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