Friday, October 02, 2009

Vacation Part IV: The Pool

Our room was a stone's throw from the pool... I did't get many pics, only a few.

I had a terrible problem with my camera, as it would take a minute for it to adjust to the heat and humidity. But if you look at this closely, you can appreciate the scope of the pool. It was huge.

The landscaping around that pool was quite nice.

A picture from when we first got there. The pool was quite crowded.

I am down for this swim up bar idea.

A gang of liquor at the swim-up bar!

It was very busy. Spent a little time over there. They make some STRONG drinks.

In this pic, A storm was about to blow in. Those palm trees were whipping around pretty hard.

As you can see, the people are still out there having a good time. And they stayed in the pool through the brief showers.

Someone yelled for me to get in the pool. Uh, no thank you. Not with that lightning going on. Not safe and not a good look. I was just trying to order a frozen pina colada from the bar.

I spent a good amount of time out at the pool... There's nothing like chilling in a lounge chair under a straw cabana.
But I also spent some time at the beach...
To be continued...


  1. That pool is amazing!

    Loving the swim-bar. That's neat!

  2. Remind me to send you my deposit for Feb!!! I needs me a vacay!!!!


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