Friday, June 18, 2010

Freestyle Fridays

Alright... I'm back.

Ain't had internet for a whole week. I have it on my bootleg phone, but not anything where I could blog. Couldn't load up pictures or nothing! UGH. Not sure I'm worried about mindless surfing, twitter, facebook, etc... But I've really wanted to blog, and I don't have time to do that at work.

(And negroes looking dead at me SWEAR I blog all day. Nothing worst than folk hating on you for having something you like to do).

So, I've been living alone for an entire week. I think I was a bit weepy that first day, but I'm okay now, lol. Things are ULTRA quiet around here. Kentucky usually stayed to herself up in her room, and I downstairs, but you can tell there's a difference. So, I'm adjusting to my new life.
I've quietly been working on a couple of goals lately. One is to type 500 words a night, which is easy for me. Just a matter of doing it. I've been doing that since May 29th, I believe (no, I don't have an official start date, as it wasn't any big wonderful mission or anything.) I've been getting a TON of writing done. 500 words adds up QUICK. I'm moving along on a story I've been working on all year. It seems to be coming along.

One of the security guards at work is reading it. Dude be looking at the security cameras, and probably hollers "Lee's exiting the building!!!" He commences to run like crazy to catch me before I get to my car so he can yack about the story.

That's what I like about writing: someone who gets excited about what I write. They treat it as real. I LOVE that. That's the purity of writing that I seek.

Also, I've been walking daily. I love to walk, but haven't made as much time for it as I like. My doctor asks me about it.

"Doc, I feel great when I walk 2 or 3 miles a day. My joints feel pretty good!"
"Well, why don't you do it more often, LadyLee?"
*Lee gives Doc the gas face*

I've always been haphazard with my walking. Right now, I'm more consistent. I walk at my local YMCA, and I walk at my local olympic track if I get out there early enough. It's funny because the senior citizens be stomping it out like Miss Sophia, lapping my tail. But I walk at my own pace, which seems to be 2.5 miles an hour. Good enough.

I know in the past, I've always walked at least a mile a day. It REALLY works out any inflammation issues I may be having. I don't have that problem as much these days, but it helps much to walk, and I need the exercise. No, I can't do all this running like everyone seems to be doing, due to my osteoarthritic issues, but I can walk like noooo other, lol.

Work has been some craziness. I'm NOT feeling this oi.l sp.ill work. I've been whining like the next person. But I had to pray about it. I looked back over my career at my current job, and I see that it is rare for people in general to work on world problems or national crises, and I've worked on several that you see in the news. I am so thankful for that, because I would've never dreamed of doing such when I was making my way through school. So that's where I focus when I get out of hand. It brings personal peace.

But that's it for me. That's my world for the week. It feels a bit solitary, but I'm a solitary Oldgirl. I think I may have a barbeque to hit up on Sunday. I MAY have to work on Saturday. Not sure. I've had more meetings this week at work than I care to have. I have one more this morning. I hope it's productive. My goal now is to learn one new thing in each meeting, and focus on that. Works out well!

I want to leave you with a little Food-for-thought. I've been wanting to write a post on this, but haven't quite figured out how to. I think putting up the phrase will do much for all, and will mean something different to everyone.

Clear all the cobwebs... but DON'T forget to kill the spider!

Did ya get that one? Interested in knowing what it means to you.

Just a little food for thought for your weekend.

And on that note, you be sure to have a great weekend.



  1. That's a good phrase...

    Get rid of the dirt in your life, but don't forget to get rid of whoever or whatever put it there in the first place.

    Thing is, I'd venture to say a lot of us usually do one or the other. We kill the spider but don't clear the cobwebs. We clear the cobwebs but we don't kill the spider. One action is kinda pointless without the other.

    That's so something to really think about and mull over. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. LOL @ bootleg phone

    Did you say walk 3 miles? Um...I'm gonna walk a block...maybe! hahahaha

  3. Anonymous3:10:00 PM

    That's an interesting quote.

    I love walking. That's a good time to think and also clear your mind.


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