Thursday, June 10, 2010



*Lee looks skyward and feels the warm sun upon her face*

I love spring!!

Yeah right.

I don't want to talk about the spring season.

Looks as if I've developed a strange problem during this time of vegetarianism. Some may call it a habit. A good one, but potentially costly.

I only drink and cook with spring water. And I only eat ice made from spring water.


Is it really a bad habit?

Probably not. The water is cleaner, but honestly, I try to drink upwards to a gallon a day, and it's easier for me to do it if I like the water.

Let's just say, I can taste every single impurity, etc., in water from the faucet. Some cheap waters even taste funny to me.

Hence... Spring!!!!!!

I seem to like water that's a bit expensive.

I love Poland Spring water the best.

I never buy individual bottles since I drink so much. I only buy gallon bottles and those big 2.5 gallon containers. Those are $1.99 and $4.75 respectively.

Pricey. If I drink 6 to 7 gallons a week, uh... it gets pricey.

Then there's this water I read about in a book: Essentia water.

That's an interesting water. It's an akaline water, one with a higher pH than regular water, and it's suppose to be better for you.

But again, it's pricey. $2.99 for a 1.5 liter bottle. This water is an occasional thing. But I LOVE it. Due to it's akaline nature, it has a very smooth taste to it.

I gave some to one of my secretaries.

"Smooth, isn't it?" I asked. "Tastes good, don't it?"

"No," she said. "Tastes like regula water to me. I can't tell the difference."

*Lee snatches bottle of expensive water from secretary*

"Well, you just need to stick to the water from the water fountain!!" I yelled.

LOL (Don't worry, the secretaries know I'm "special").

Then, there's the elitist of water, something that my sister Kentucky turned me onto.

Metromint waters.

They are waters with just a hint of mint and other flavors. No sugar or artificial sweeteners are used. Just a very nice minty refreshing water. No calories, just an interesting aftertaste. I like it.

But they are $1.99 for 16 ounces.

Uh, not a good look.

Normally I wouldn't like these. But Kentucky asked if I wanted some one day. I asked the cost, and she told me. Now, this was during my financial fast. I gave her a uh, few choice words for an answer.

But she came home with a sack of a variety of these waters.

I watched as she tried one, a chocolate mint flavored one. Her nose scrunched up at the taste of it.

I gladly took it off her hands. A free bottle! I don't care how it tastes. It's free expensive stuff.

I took the chocolate mint water to work the next day, and had the nerve to run up in a meeting with it.

You would've thought that I had walked up in the place with a crackpipe hanging from my mouth. LOL

I thought it was very good. Would I buy it again? Nope. Too expensive.

So, what have I done with my expensive water habits? I did what I needed to do: I found a solution.

I would like to drink water stored in glass bottles as there are no leaching problems as seen with plastic jugs. (Trust me, plastic leaches. Brands of water come through the lab. They leach badly).
But I've settled on getting refills from Whole Foods. I have clear plastic square gallon jugs, and I can refill those for 40 cents a gallon.

I figured that out during my financial fast. There was NO way I should spend 30 bucks a month on water. I've reduced that way down to about a little over 10 bucks a month.

And that's good enough for me.

This works out well, since I don't drink sodas. I drink some organic juices, but I dilute them by 75%. So for me, it's water, dressed with cut lemons and limes. I recently found out that I can purchase peppermint oil and add a couple of drops to my water. It will give the same effect.

So, I, the Oldgirl, can keep looking to the sky, and feel the warm sun upon my face.


Yes, Spring is where it is for me.

Spring is where it's at!


  1. You are the first person I know that takes their water so seriously. lol

    I don't mind faucet water. Little Rock water isn't bad. But my college town water was terrible. I barely drank their water.

    I mostly buy Dasani bottle water.

  2. LOL @ That southern Black Gal... No, I'm taking it seriously only because I want to drink more of it, and it is basically my only real beverage source. I don't do well if it tastes a bit off. I just want to make sure I consistently drink a good amount of it.

    ATL water is okay. Drinkable enough. For some reason, I like my water to taste really clean these days.

  3. jennifer11:30:00 AM

    ie plastic leaching... so should I throw out my plasticware stuff that I use for food storage and heating up food in the microwave?

  4. @Jennifer... Now, I know you've seen this in the news from time to time. I see it at least once per month. They were talking about phthalate and BPA leaching just yesterday on one of the morning shows.

    I've heard of a couple of vegetarians who do everything in glass. And these are hardcore folks. VERY hardcore.

    I see the hard leaching when I run some plastic packed commodities on my equipment. It's very pronounced in water. Nothing much can be done about it. Water in glass bottles is hella expensive, has no leaching, and that's the best I've ever tasted.

    Glass is better for you, and no telling what all this microwaving of plastics is doing... But shoot man... I'm not all that worried about it. That would be a major hassle in itself. I think I will work on the more important things first. Worry about that later!

  5. Water can get expensive. I try to drink it filtered, but I reuse my plastic bottle. So does it only leach if it is stored in the bottle?

  6. I drink over a gallon of water everyday and um, it comes straight from the faucet. Don't even like it cold most of the time, room temp is find by me. LOL! Came out of lurkdom just to say that. LOL!

  7. @Cashana... LOL!!! You said that with the hard fanger snap! I ain't mad at you! Drink your water!

    I'm just saying... if it tastes superclean, I'll drink more of it. I'm just trying to force myself to drink more water. That's all... It's okay. Woo, woo, woo. LOL!!

    I don't like cold water either. So we have something in common!

  8. @Remnants... All plastic leaches, and I'm talking about the big plastic gallon jugs of water. It is what it is. When I hit the lotto, I'll only drink the Voss water. There's an italian water shipped in glass that I LOVE too. When i hit the lotto, I'm on it! LOL


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