Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday, Monday...

Nothing much going on around these parts, and I don't have much to say.

Just showing my face, as us older folks like to say, lol...

They say that it's gonna be 'round 100 degrees today in the ATL.

I just came back off my hour long morning walk, where I enjoyed the cool breezes and a nice sunrise...

... and promptly took my tail BACK into the house once said sun had risen.

The weekend went by VERY swiftly. I am not happy about that. And I didn't use my time wisely. Did I get some things done? Yes. Plenty chores. Some crocheting. A little writing. The usual.

Last Thursday, we had what I like to call a FREE day off at work. That's a day where something stupid happens, like the AC goes out in the building, or the water messes up. You should've seen folk getting out of there. It was like a bunch of cattle broke out the gate or something. I'd just gotten to work. Went in to "show my face" and to pick up some paperwork (Not work related paperwork, but a couple of chapters of my writing that I'd been editing. But who needs to know that, lol.)

My cubicle mate Cowgirl Cre just bought a new house, some sheer gorgeousness. I hung out with her for a few hours. She showed me how to hang blinds, so that's my next project.

Now THAT was the highlight of my weekend. And it wasn't even the weekend yet. But I thought I'd mention it. I am proud of her. And there was much whispering about budgets and money in our cubicle space over the past few months.

I love love LOVE to see people accomplish their goals. It jacks up my faith to work harder on my own.

I hit up a cookout this weekend AGAIN at the Green Eyed Bandits' house. Mama and Auntie Bandit were in town, along with a gang of kids. So that was fun. Look out for a post on that this week. Gotta load up photos!

Thought of the Week. Heard something interesting yesterday... a great definition of faithfulness.

Faithfulness is following through on your commitments regardless of the difficulty.

Regardless of difficulty. Meaning difficulty don't matter.

Easy is as easy does. Difficulty builds something in you, whether that be character, faith, perserverance, sincerity, honesty... something.

Putting hand to the plow, and keeping it there.

Holding that mule, no matter how hard it gets.

I GOTTA Keep that in mind, keep that in mind, keep that in mind.

That's all I have to say today. It's Monday, I know, and everybody hates Mondays.

But this morning, I experienced the breeze on my face...

I experienced yet another beautiful sunrise.

And that right there... that right there... makes this a beautiful wonderful day.

Do me a favor: find something wonderfully good about this day.

And take a moment to be thankful for it.

Start the week off right... on purpose.


  1. I like that quote!

    Thanks for hanging out with all my family madness. I need a drink!

  2. Ditto on the quote...'difficulties..." --geez...guess I just have to give in..

  3. Anonymous10:37:00 AM

    "Putting hand to the plow, and keeping it there.

    Holding that mule, no matter how hard it gets."

    Oh yes, and might I add, "don't look back."

    Total dedication, not a half-hearted commitment.

    Good Word [Luke 9:62] to start my day!


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