Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy HOT Monday Merning!


It's been hot as hell outside!

And today... I said TODAY marks the first day of summer!

LAWD help us ALLL!!

The weatherman said the high today in the ATL would be 95 degrees!!!

And with the humidity, it'll feel more like 105 degrees!!

*Lee passes out on the hard HOt concrete*


My weekeed. Shoot... I had to work. But I REFUSE to work 8 hours on a Saturday. Something is WRONG with that. So my goal was to split that up, and work 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday.

Now, my specialist "Wang" said he wasn't coming in on Saturday. He was going to go golfing instead. But, lo and behold, I looked up on Saturday, and there he was, standing in the lab looking at me. And he looked like he'd left the golf course in mid-swing to come see what I was doing.

(My goodness, he had on shorts and he has GORGEOUS legs. I didn't want to say anything. I don't need a sexual harrasment charge from a 50 something year old Asian man. THE HORROR!)

This was not good, because we ended up with some complications on some stuff I was working with, and he's the type to be like, "Let's stick around to see what the problem be!"

UGH. So I ended up working five and a half hours. Not a good look, because my brain turned off after 4 hours, lol.

Then I came home and saw the BP Oil Chairman out yachting.

I immediately decided, "I ain't going to work on Sunday! If Shorty can go yachting, then I don't have to go to work!"

And I didn't. And the boss is gonna be acting shady today. This is okay.

She can go sit on a tack.

(I ain't worried about her reading that. I tell her often how much I think management is a little "slow").

So... on Sunday, I went to a cookout!

No, it don't quite have the flair and it's not as debonair as yachting!

But, hey, it was an event equal to it, as far as I'm concerned!

The Green Eyed Bandit, one for my favorite lurkers, held a cookout for her birthday.

I'm not writing about it today, as I wish to try to be on time for work today (for a change).

But it was great fun!

And I walked out of the house without proper planning, i.e., I knew there was gonna be a gang of meat, and I didn't bring myself a black bean burger patty or something like that, lol...

But Bandit hooked it up... like only a Bandit could! I was salivating over this:

And this!

*Lee's eyes glazing over*


I will write about that tomorrow!

I have internet at home now, so you can expect blog posts from me each and every day for the rest of my life! Glory!!

I am so behind.

But, I'm keeping it short today! (Stop rolling your eyes, Chele!)

No food-for-thought for the week...

Oh yeah, yes there is.

Let's learn a lesson from the BP oil man:

When you're in the midst of crises, always make sure to take a little time to enjoy yourself.


Take that however you want to take it.

Have a good week!

On purpose, mayne!!


  1. I like that..."When you're in the midst of crisis...always take time to enjoy yourself." Stealing it...and doing it also...:)

  2. That's right, get your life back!

  3. That's the lesson I had to learn. To make sure I enjoyed my life in the midst of it all.

  4. The Green Eyed Bandit12:12:00 AM

    Now you know I have to look out for my vegetarian and vegan people. BTW, you left those tomatoes. You know we don't eat them in my house!


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