Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Ty's Baby Shower

You know, I love babies.

No, I don't want one. But I get all giddy, because I get to make a baby blanket! I make two or three a year! (This year, I'm making four!)

Here's the one I made for my book club sister Ty. She's expecting a baby boy in July.

I actually have 2 of these going right now, but my book club sister Kimmie-Kim's nephew showed up a month early. Little man will have one soon!

I love this ballon. Didn't know they could get that creative with balloons.

This is a nice cake. And it was GOOD!

Yes, Jaden is on his way!

The Mother-To-Be loved the blanket.

I'm glad of that. I'm not sure what her color scheme is, but hey, cover is cover, right?


Ty, I wish you a happy and safe delivery of your bouncing baby boy.


  1. Nice. I cannot wait to graduate to your level. I do very basic blankets/throws.

  2. Everything looks beautiful and I am loving the blanket!


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