Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Freestyles- Book Drawing Edition

Good Friday Morning to you ALL!!

I am sooooo excited? Why, Cuz it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND, baby!


AND today is Pay-Day!!

The Oppressor better have my money straight!!!

*lee counting bread*


Man... if you live in the ATL area... Was it just me, or was that the absolute worst storm that blew through last night? WOW! My whole house was shaking. The thunder was ear splitting! I can't remember it being THAT bad!

And with each crack of thunder I was hollering "I REBUKE YOU!"

The more the storms talk to me, I talk to the storms! Doggonit. And you can take that literally or philosophically or spiritually. I ain't got time for a bunch of craziness!

Really though.

Don't get me to preaching up on this front porch of the House of LadyLee!

Moving right along, honey.

Drawing for Silver Sparrow. So today I announce who won the copies of Silver Sparrow by the baddest writing diva in the Universe, that Tayari Jones!

She has a nice review in the June issue of O Magazine!

Yes! Go girl! As you can see the magazine is laying on the washing machine. I was multitasking! I was in the laundry room folding clothes AND reading!

So I cut up little strips of paper and placed them in a ziploc bag, shook it around and voila!!! We got 2 winners!!


The Bball Mama!!!


Ladies! Congratulations! These are long time readers. That's rare for that to happen, but cool!

Let me tell you something! Don't come on here leaving a comment entering an anonymous comment for a contest or drawing. You better leave your name up in there somewhere, you heard me??

2 more books will be given away next week! If you leave a comment now up until next Thursday on posts, then you are entered. Additionally, those who entered for this drawing will be included in that one.

Ladies!! Get your info to me. I'm going to run up on Tayari and get her to sign your books. I know where here Mama and Daddy live. She'll be here next week, I think. She gonna walk in her Mama house, and LadyLee the Stalker gonna be sitting there cheesing down!

*Tayari kicks the hard eyeroll*

LOL! No, I'll attend one of your signings. Don't act like you don't know me, gal. You don't want me to get loud! LOL.

So again, congrats to you ladies! Be sure to enter to win!

That's all for today, ya'll. That's as freestyling as it gets. I think I have to put up a Song of the Week, don't I?

I think I will put up a nice SWATS Atlien song in honor of Silver Sparrow. (Note: SWATS stands for Southwest Atlanta. Me and T, we SWATS girls through and through).

Anyway, I kept thinking of this song when reading Silver Sparrow. I think it's the tone or the mood.

And they talk about Cadillacs. That bigamist James liked Cadillacs.

"Elevators" by Outkast.

(Tayari is hollering "What the ****" right now! LOL!!!!)

Here's another SWATS original: "Fresh and Clean" by Outkast

Tayari's gonna punch me in my face when she see me. That's alright. I think of songs when I read. And she need to get acquainted with some good SWATS music.

I might make her a CD. She'll like that!


Yo! Ya'll have a great holiday weekend. ON PURPOSE!


  1. Have a goodddddddddddddd weekendddddddddddd Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

  2. That storm was no joke! I was listening to WRFG and you could hear the thunder in the background. And the DJ would say "thank you, Mother" after each one. Gotta stay on Mother Nature's good side! lol

  3. I Won, I won, I won. **doing the happy dance** Will shoot you an email.

    Oh and she's gonna sign it??? WOW...

  4. Anonymous1:38:00 PM

    Im not from the ATL but I LUV ME SOME OUTKAST......Im dancing in my seat workers looking at me like i'm crazee

    Happy Friday.....

    dee in san diego

  5. I pre-ordered the ebook version of Tayari's book. I forgot the date it would download and just loaded two days ago. I started it yesterday. Love how she write in prose.

  6. So Fresh & So Clean...Hadn't heard that in awhile. I just finished reading "Silver Sparrow" loved it. Now I have to make sure my return flight gets me back in town for her Friday signing. Or try to leave work early Sunday so I can get my book signed & have some tea.

  7. LOL

    I have the June issue of O magazine but haven't read it yet. I'll be sure to read the review.

  8. LOL

    Congrats to the winners

    Im about to crack open my June issue of O magazine soon as I get off the internets.

    What a fantastic bit of news! THANK YOU! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH! thank you! ((hugs)) XOXOXO

    I won I won!


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