Tuesday, May 10, 2011


She lay there, under the I-20 freeway overpass in the cardboard box every night, shivering against the drenching rain, the cold wind, in the dead of winter, wondering how she got there. Wondering, like she had so many countless nights before over the past year. . .

"How did I get here?"

Tonight it was cloudy, overcast, clouds relieving themselves on her face over and over again.

Funny how things change. Just last night, every star in the universe stared down upon her, watching and wondering too. . .

How did you get to where you are?

She told them, these inquisitive stars, that she really didn't know.

Why, she did all the right things- attended the best Ivy league schools, joined the best sorority, became partner in the top law firm. . .

. . .Married the right man: the one her Mother and Father introduced her to, the one they said was just right for her.

She did all the right things, she did.

She even ran away when the good and perfect husband became abusive, shoving her to and fro. She ran for a shelter as he chased her from their home, from her own life. He told the law firm lies, set her up, got her disbarred. He told her parents more lies, had them thinking she was the one in the wrong.

And now she lay there, under the interstate, rain falling upon her head, wondering, watching, waiting. . .

For the stars to come back.

Maybe they could shine down upon her again.

And tell her what to do.

Women of Color Writing Workshop 5 minute writing prompt "How did I get here?"


  1. Great job. Dang! I want to know more.

  2. I'm so mad reading this. I want to kick that husband! I want more too!

  3. This could be an AWESOME longer story. *hint hint*

  4. I like this and I could see how you could expand this. Okay, back to lurkdom.

  5. Ok so this has left me "wondering" if you'll make this into a full length story! Excellent Lee, EXCELLENT!

  6. Love it! These writing prompts, just amaze me.

  7. Umm you know these 5 minute stories upset me right? LOL. I want to know MORE lol


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