Tuesday, May 31, 2011


You know that every blue moon, I like to snatch a WHOLE post from another blogger that moves me.

Just cut and paste the whole doggone post.

Today I lifted one that gave me... pause.

One of my blog sisters, Mizrepresent, posted her thoughts on the Month of May, Lupus Awareness month... I was hesistant about asking to repost... This thing, it's so doggone personal (at least for me, in a quiet way). She gave me permission to repost here.

May is Lupus Awareness Month

Look to your right and you will see this on my page, "May is Lupus Awarenes Month". It's a permanent fixture on my page because Lupus is a permanent fixture in my life.

Around 8 years ago i was diagnosed with Lupus Profundi, it is a skin condition of Lupus, causing rashes, lumps like cysts in my skin, hair loss, and more. I sometimes suffer from unknown ailments all over my body, only for them to go away and show up somewhere else. Like the time i couldn't open a bottle because my fingers weren't working, or the time my wrist and arm became paralyzed and i couldn't lift either, or when i couldn't sit down because i had something going on in the lower region, or my fingers turning blue...so many things...but it was all Lupus.

I'm sorry to say that there is no cure for Lupus, some very good treatments but no cure, so those who are suffering are like me, wishing and hoping and praying for a change. Sure we can change our eating habits, exercise more, stay out of the sun, try not to be stressed and take pills that are meant to ease our afflictions, but not no cure. No matter, we have hope, we continue on, we have no other choice but to.

I have Lupus and I am surviving. I honor all those who are suffering and give them more than a head nod to the struggle, because it is a struggle unlike no other. Each day is a blessing for us, each day that we can live without the pain, the stress, the nagging afflictions...each day with a little more hope.

My test results last year weren't so good...but i didn't let that stop me from living...so i'm saying to all of my Lupus afflicted sisters and brothers, and those who know someone who has been diagnosed...we are not giving up. We are still here, still believing, still surviving...still living with Lupus.

Thanks to all who "Walked for Lupus" and if you feel it in your bones to do more, please donate to the cause, at the least hug your fellow man and women and just let them know that you care.



Excellent post. It gave me pause. It caused me to stop and sigh, raise my hand to my chest.

Shed a tear.

She put into words things I couldn't.

She so eloquently expressed how I feel.

She let me know that I am not alone.


  1. I remember my friend's mom having lupus and her being in pain often.

    It's sometimes nice to know you are not alone.

  2. My dear Sister-friend Princess Tiny Butt has lupus she's on facebook as ABRoss. She has started a foundation.

    I hold all those with lupus in prayer.

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  4. hey ms. lady! i forgot that you too are a lupus warrior. thanks for sharing this, and sharing you. there needs to me more awareness regarding this disease, as i too am living with lupus, as it is a big part of my health struggles that i share on my primary blog (princess tinybutt).
    check out my foundation (babz is a future founding boardmember!) at http://thebutterflyprojectfoundation.blogspot.com or on facebook at 'the butterfly project for lupus'.

    take good care my friend
    (princess tinybutt)


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