Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fantasy Come True!

I just have to post this...

Especially after that RATCHET game last night. I think I could've done a better job hosting the Seahawks-Packers game. With my eyes closed.

Yes indeed.

Anyway, I am a part of blogger Tazzee's hubby's fantasy football league...

I don't do well over there.

My matchup was with Tazzee... I wasn't going to keep track of it, as Tazzee is the female Zen Master of Fantasy football.

However, last night, while watching that interesting football game, I pulled up our matchup, and I saw that!

My eyes went superwide.



Me? I beat Tazz!? By close to 40 points???

The Original Oldboys beat the Tazmanians???

*knocks over all the furniture in the living room... and that cat Oscar too.*

She has an interesting avatar... It smiles prettily, then hits you with the hauty menacing sneer.

It scares me something awful! But not today!

Tazz! I beat you, honey!!!

Heck, I ain't gotta beat nobody else... EVER!!

I bet Tazz so upset that she took off from work today.

It's okay Tazz. Woo, woo, woo. It's alright, honey.

We all gotta lose sometime. *snicker, snicker*

'Tis a fantasy! A fantasy come true!



  1. LOL
    Congrats on your win! LOL

  2. Congratulations. I'm in 5 fantasy leagues and I went 0-5 this week. I must admit, reading this post made me laugh.

    But I'm coming for you next time!!!

  3. @Mama A... HOORAY! *multiple cartwheels*

    @Tazzee... Babes, I am just happy to beat you! You just don't know how happy it was to pull up the scores! *lee busts out crying*

    Heck man, you can whoop my tail in our week 12 matchup. I don't care! I beat you today!

    0-5 in all your 5 of your leagues!??

    I am in 3 leagues... I am 1-2, 0-3, and 2-1.

    I KNOW you took off from work today. Me? I'm whistling while I work! LOL!

    Woo, woo, woo, taz.

    *snicker, snicker*

  4. Taz - She was VERY proud of this win at work!! Nothing could touch her at work bc she would just look over at me and start talking about how she beat you!! :) LOL!!

  5. Well I guess you're in the know huh?!?


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