Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back to Work Tuesday!

Yes, that is what I am calling it...

Back to work Tuesday.

With the passing of Labor Day, the summer is OVER. Time to get back to work!

I was going to take today off, but I decided not to. I simply have too much to do, and there is no need to get all behind.

But I had a good weekend. My major goal was to do a gift card run for the winners, and I did that on Monday (Yay!!).

I ate too much of the wrong stuff on Saturday, so I don't feel particularly healthy this morning.    I am most definitely back to my usual this week. Might even make it a raw week, because my poor system is just shot...

Okay, moving on to more pleasant things.

Yesterday I hung around the house because it was a fantasy football draft weekend for me.

I have 3 teams. Had 4, but some idiot disbanded his league. Idiot. Wasted my precious time. Humph.

Oscar was being a jerk this weekend. He wanted some attention, I suppose. He hung around a lot.

As you can see, he is not pleased with me AT ALL.  That hard stare says it all. It is like he disapproves of me or something like that. I will treat him like anyone else who looks down on me: ignore him. Hard.

He will be alright. Really.

Saturday, my sister and I went down to "the country."  That is what us city folks call it when we travel to rural areas. CowgirlCre has a huge family, and they have a family gathering every year. Our family don't get together for anything, so me and my sister like to go crash her family get-togethers.

This was the first year that Uncle Cre wasn't there, as he passed earlier in the year.

I noticed everyone had t-shirts.

I wondered aloud why I didn't have a t-shirt.

Even the baby had a t-shirt!!

Where was MY t-shirt?

"They took orders at a dinner. And you weren't there."



I keep everybody neck deep in cookies.  Somebody coulda hooked a sista up with a t-shirt.

That's alright!  I had a fine time anyway!

I will post about that later this week.

Can you believe I did 27 blog posts last month?


That's almost like posting daily.  Strange!  You won't get that this month! LOL.


As for now, it is back to work!

Lots in store for September.  Stay tuned!

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