Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LadyLee Beats: "My Philosophy"

I wanted to have a LadyLee Beats Week, but decided against it.

I just have too many favorite beats. Can't decide amongst them all.

In the process of looking for various instrumentals, I came across a little youtube video that I have been watching everyday for the past week. It makes me... happy.

Dancing coffee beans... or potatoes. We don't know. The jury is still out on that.

It garnered much discussion between myself and cubicle mate the CowgirlCre.

LadyLee: "That's me right there, Cre, at 0:22 seconds!"
*lee mimicking the move, doing the robot and the wave at the same time*

CowgirlCre: "That's us at 0:31 seconds! Cubicle crew break-down!"

We have the move at 0:57 seconds down. We really practice that one, and can do it in unison.

And we called coworker Lieutennant By over, since he like old school rap music, and made him watch it.

We decided he was the coffee bean spinning hard on the floor at 1:21 minutes.

LOL... the things we do to entertain ourselves.

But "My Philosophy" is one of my favorite beats. Even with just listening to the instrumental, I know every word! One of the most intelligent raps ever,

"Let us begin... what where why and when... will all be explained like instructions to a game...See, I'm not insane, in fact I'm kind of rational..."


  1. You and Cre have too much fun at work!

  2. Anonymous2:11:00 PM


    I vote coffee beans. Waaayyy 2 much energy to be potatoes...LoL

    That' brought back good memories...

    Dee in San Diego

  3. I need to work with y'all! Y'all ALWAYS having fun lol

  4. Yeah, what Adrienne said...I need to work with you two. Oh, and those coffee bean/potatoes are hilarious.


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