Friday, September 14, 2012




That is all. The oppressor will be lucky if they get much work out of me today. I am thinking about my money, lol.

Just kidding. I have a busy day. Shoulda got to work at 6:00 am just to finish up all I want to do. But alas, I will go in at 10.

I have a VERY busy weekend coming up. Which is odd for me. I usually use that time to decompress from the week, but I think I better eat my Wheaties and work it out.

Nothing much to say today... but I have a funny picture.

Picture of the week. Of none other than Oscar-Tyrone.

He was laying across the bed. I was bringing all my clean clothes out of the laundry room and fold them while watching TV.

"You need to grow some hands so you can help me, dude," I muttered.

He continued to sleep. HUMPH.


Song of the week.  This song is on my kindle.

You know I love some Vesta!

I am still looking for that CD. It was going for about 200 bucks before she passed. I refuse to look for it now. No telling how much it is. Sigh.

With that, I am going to work.   Have a good weekend! On purpose!


  1. Have a good weekend! I am taking this weekend to get some much needed rest.

  2. Yeah payday is my favorite two days at work each month, no question about it.


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