Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Randomness: Of Cards and Oscar-Tyrone

Oh, look at the lovely card I made!

'Tis for Sasha. I FINALLY mailed her her 1st place House of LadyLee sweepstakes prize.

She sent a lovely email! Hope you enjoy that, honey!!

If we take a wider angle picture of that card... we see something interesting.

Look real close up at the top center of the picture:

It's that Original Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone. He's over by the fireplace. And he looks to be posing for the camera, next to the new scratching pole that I purchased just for him. I thought he might like that sense he shredded the old one.

And the new one stands next to the old one.

He refuses to use the new one.

"Oscar! You a punk, man! A punk!" I hollered. "I spent $20 on that pole. You punk!"

He blinks... and walks away.

I've sprayed that pole with catnip spray. I sprinkled it with catnip herb.

He blinks. And walks away.


Maybe I will just throw the old one out. It was a "guaranteed" pole. And he LOVED it.

He's gonna have to deal with this new one...


  1. Maybe he's just not interested in scratching on something new? Maybe he's just breaking in the other one?

  2. Oscar Tyrone ain't thanking 'bout you. He does what he wants.

  3. Lee,
    How about I put a picture up of the card on instagram. It's on my nightstand now. It's so cute! Tell Oscar-Tyrone to get out of my picture. lol!

  4. Cute card! LOL@ Oscar Tyrone!!


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