Monday, October 01, 2012

Good Autumn Monday Evening!

Autumn is here!!!

It doesn't look like that outside right now... but isn't it beautiful? Golden leaves on the ground and all. Couldn't be my place, because I don't know who would be out there raking those leaves... Not this Oldgirl.  Nope!

It will look like that soon. And I just had my gutters cleaned. Come December or January they will be cleaned again.

*tapping my fingers on the table and watching Angie's List closely for a good coupon*

Yes, I am happy for the fall season. Why? Because it's not arse HAWT outside!

Here in the ATL, it's in the 70s, but it's dreary, rainy and just downright NASTY outside. Ugh. This would've been a great day just to take off and sleep ALL day, because I didn't have much to do at work (well I did, but it's Monday, so I am still O_O from the weekend).

I spent the weekend watching the first season of Homeland.

My cubicle mate CowgirlCre likes this show. I noticed that it swept the Golden Globe and Emmys for best drama and best actor and actress. So it had to be good, right?

I downloaded the pilot episode last week to my kindle to watch while at work (man, I was working, just doing paperwork, and I need to be watching or listening to something or I will throw myself out the window).

My oh my, that is a GOOD show! I watched all 12 episodes this weekend. I found myself screaming out loud and at times gasping for breath!

I called up Directv and added showtime, since the first episode of season 2 was on Sunday night.

The Operator said "Oh, you're calling to get Dexter and Homeland, right?"

Riiiiiiight, dude.


I don't watch Dexter. That is confusing, and it looks like I needed to watch the early episodes to understand what's going on, and that ain't gonna happen, sense that show is a few years old.

The premiere was GREAT. If you liked 24 and Scandal... stuff like that, you'd LOVE this show! I thought it took that genre to some other level indeed!

I am a little bit miffed about not posting on Friday. There was an "internet outage" in my area. Whatever the heck that means. I wanted to tell AT&T that they could at least give me a dollar off my bill. But I let it be. So  now I am backed up on posts. I have a TON of them to put up.

So you're just gonna have to deal with it, man!


That's all for now, though. I am going to try and shorten my posts. Yeah, yeah I have said that for years, with no real action, right? Oh well. It will all work out.

On Tuesday evening there will be a gargantuan food post. Green Eyed Bandit's Mama was in town and she cooked it UP! Whooooo-weeeeeeee!

That food was good!  And you know I took plenty of pictures. PLENTY!

So stay tuned for that!

Have a good week... on purpose!


  1. The fall is beautiful isn't it? I just prefer warm weather, though I've had more than my fill this year.

  2. I love fall. We hardly ever get a real one though lol.

    I've never seen that show. Might have to check it out if you like it lol.

    Man I LOVE Dexter!!!!! Someone (Jazzkat) got me HOOKED on it maybe two years ago? I watched like 4 seasons in two weeks lol. It's THAT good and yes you do have to watch it from the beginning lol.

    Ok. I'm done blogging in your comments. I need to do my own blog post lol.

  3. YES Homeland is GREAT!!! Last season I used to watch it while on twitter. That way I could have someone to "oooh and AHH " with.


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