Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cabbage and Tape!

So Serenity23 sent the most interesting text message the other day:

"I'm cooking fried cabbage. Everytime I do it makes me think of u."

To which I responded... "*blink*blink*...*tears*

I always remember back to us having a long conversation on twitter concerning the art of making good southern fried cabbage a couple of years ago (Fry your bacon, but don't burn it!... sautee your onions in the bacon! Then add a little water!") I know folks were like... Are they really going step by step on how to make cabbage?? For half an hour? LOL

So she makes it now, and she makes it well. She texted me a picture of the final result:

That looks tasty! I told her I like, instead of bacon, using a little olive oil and different color peppers. She frowned on that at first, but she has tried it too. I suggested for her to try to add a handful of white raisins (she hates raisins). I also like to julienne an apple and add it sometimes.

It's good with sausage too.  Waiting for her to try that.  I'm gonna make some tonight with crumbled soy sausage.  (You say yuck! I say wooo-hooo!)

When I think of Serenity_23, I think of shoes. In fact, she made some money off of me last year. I bet that chicken $100 that she couldn't go a year without buying shoes. And that chickent did it for the 2011 season. Shoot. (Good for you, though. Easiest bread anybody every made off me.)

Anyway, like I said, I think of shoes when I think of her.

So... I was walking through the Office Depot the other day, and I saw some... shoes she would surely appreciate.

Those are FABULOUS shoes...

Correction: That's a fabulous tape dispenser.


I was thinking "If Val saw this, she would tackle this display. 'Cause she gotta have it!"

I thought about buying it for her. But decided against it. It's just too tacky. It doesn't even look like it will stand up on its own if you try to use it. They should make it multipurpose, i.e., you can buy the shoe in your size... and pop out the tape dispenser if you want to wear it. Yeah, that's an idea.

No, no need to buy that for her. The last strange item I bought her was a bottle of Strawberry Hills Boones Farm wine a few years back. I am sure that doesn't quite fit her taste. But she graciously accepted it anyway.

I'll let her purchase this one on her own.

So Serenity, or any of you other shoe fiends... go get yourself a stylish tape dispenser. They're over at an Office Depot near you!


  1. Ha! That tape dispenser may just be the funny gift for my cousin this year.

  2. Anonymous10:53:00 AM

    I love fried cabbage. I make mine using hillshire sausage sometimes...yummy. I live in Tn and thought everybody made cabbage like that lol


  3. Prior to us talking about the cabbage that day, I had never had cabbage cooked any way besides boiled. I'm so glad I learned this way b/c I like more.. I'm going to try it with sausage soon.

    Funny that you think of shoes = S23. I have a wine bottle holder that looks exactly like that tape dispencer. It was a gift.

  4. I bake my cabbage in the oven with colored peppers, broccoli and fried bacon. I pour chicken broth over it so it won't dry out. My daughter loves it.

    As for the dispenser, I think it is cute. I am a shoe fiend too. So I would enjoy it. I like office supplies for some reason. Give a good pen or marker or even a notebook and I am in heaven.

    I did not know you two had a bet. SMH. I could not to do it. I have not bought many shoes this year, I think I have purchased about 4 pairs. That is good for me because I would buy 2 or 3 in one pop every few months.


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