Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Debate- Round 2 Continued

So the second debate took place last night....

Awww, that was a good one. Obama came to fight last night.

Look at how the president is looking at Mitt Romney.

And that is how I was looking at him too.

I consider myself an independent.  I try my best to read as much as I can about each candidate and and their policies. I try to find anything subjective if possible (that is hard). And I was done with Mitt Romney after the first debate because I can't keep up with the flip-flopping, i.e., policy changes at a whim... basically saying whatever your current audience wants to hear. Frankly, what he said behind closed doors when no one was supposedly looking is the truest measure of what he really thinks. Sorry, but you are who you really are when no one is looking.

You know it's bad when the moderator gotta fact check you on stage. Romney botched up the whole Libya issue. That's not good, seeing that the third debate is centered on foreign policy.

And it's not a good look to try to walk over a female moderator. I myself was a bit taken aback about that.

I am glad that the President checked him on using the Libya tragedy for political posturing. That was a tragedy. I myself was a bit taken aback by Romney's press conference that day. He is NOT the president yet. Sit down somewhere. I want to hear from MY president on any national tragedy issues. NOT from someone who wants to be president.

All in all, Obama came to the table this time. Of course both candidates had good points (Just have to dig through what Romney says, since he changes with the wind).

I thought it was interesting how Romney opened himself up for a 47% jab. At the very end. I knew there was a problem when he said he wants to be president of 100%. (Uh, I am having trouble with that one. Trying to accept that, but... sounds like another convenient thing to say.)

I am a solid red state, so I don't have to sit through many campaign commmercials.  Thank goodness for that. My vote may or may not count. But because people died so that I, a woman of color, have the right to vote... well, that means I will vote.

20 days until the election, ya'll...  20 more days!

And it's all getting very very interesting...

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