Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Video of the Week

My cubicle mate CowgirlCre and I have been snickering a bit too hard over the following video clip.


Hilarious! It's a bit old, and I'm surprised I'm just seeing it. I heard about it at CowgirlCre's family gathering a month ago.

I do believe that is one of Southern Black Gal's relatives. Don't quote me on that, but that's just GOTTA be family. Just gotta! Only Southern Black Gal's peeps would autotune a report like that. LOL

(Southern, I'm just playing with you *snicker*snicker*).

She was on her way to get a cold pop. Uh, I could tell from her saying that that she wasn't in Georgia. "Pop" is a term they only use up North somewhere.

And she was going to go get a cold pop from the soda machine in her apartment complex. I knew for sure she wasn't in Georgia. We would rob break into a public soda vending machine down here in the ATL. Heck, I myself would get the notion to rob an unattended soda machine. (That's too much temptation for an Oldgirl).

I know there have been a couple of times in my own life where I smelled smoke and thought somebody was barbequing. And then there's the stark realization that it's not a good hot grill going, but something is burning that should NOT be burning. UGH!

So I can identify with it.

And I can identify with it now.

My boss asks me to do something and I get all strange on her.

"I got bronchitis," I holler as I hold my hand to my chest and cough a little.

My boss simply rolls her eyes and walks away.

(She never falls for it. She thought the video was funny, too).

These things are funny, especially when no one gets hurt, which is the case here.

Of course Sweet Br.own got a little famous behind it all...

As we all have our 15 minutes of fame at some point in our lives.


  1. Anonymous9:59:00 PM

    Sadly whenever I'm having a bad day I watch this video....and laugh like I've never seen it before...lol


  2. OMG a radio station in Dallas that i listen to every day clowned the mess out of this video and this women for at least 3 months...they had me rolling everyday. over the course of several months now i find myself saying various quotes of hers especially "aint nobody got time for that". the whole thing if hilarious.her choice of words I don't see how the person interviewing her wasn't laughing.

  3. Anonymous9:56:00 AM

    Check out the sweet brown quartet song on you tube. It has a gospel background.....toooo funny

  4. Sweet Brown is from Oklahoma City! That original video is from one of the local TV stations here. She went on to cash in on that herownself -- check out this commercial she did with one of those "we buy ugly houses" folks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WEMHmyF5BI
    I'm glad she got paid something for all that! :)

  5. She could very well be a relative of mine. lol This video will always be funny. Always.

  6. HAAAAAAAAA! I totally needed that, sis! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! (ok, let me stfu before the boss puts me out...)


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