Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Cowgirl Cre!

I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend and workplace cubicle mate The CowgirlCre!

*throws glitter*

Why do we call her CowgirlCre? Because she is a Cowgirl, i.e., she owns a horse! She's the only negro I know who owns one. That makes me feel like I know somebody special!

And she is special indeed. We've been friends for over 15 years! That's a long time! She knows me through and through. She's able to deal with the good side of me and the bad side of me. And that's a lot to deal with, honey! She's a real trooper for hanging with me all these years!

Here she is riding her horse Felix!

Look at her... she's smiling hard. That's because she is doing what she enjoys most! Riding her horse!

And here's ol' Felix.

And you know me... I make suggestions, honey. We need to get Felix out there racing in the Derby, so he can win millions and millions of dollars.

We should plait and braid Felix's hair. We could put some beads and shells in it!

We can tat his name down the middle of his stripe. That would look way cool!

Mess around and shape that wispy beard of his into a goatee and he'd be the flyest horse in the barnyard!


Uh yeah... As you could've guessed, she's not taking my suggestions.

CowgirlCre is off today so I'm holding down the cubicle all alone. It is quite quiet in these here parts. Sigh.

But NO ONE should work on their birthday. NO ONE! Should be a crime to do so!

She's out at the barn today, hanging out with Felix.

Yesterday (and other days), she played one of my favorite songs for when I'm getting the HECK out of dodge... Getting the heck on could mean a number of things: getting off from work, moving to a new place, or going on vacation.

We sing along with it very loudly. And we sound like some hit dogs sanging. But it makes us happy.

She was happy because she was going to have the day off!

Her favorite part is

"If you see meeeeee... look into my eyes and reeeeeeeeaaaaadddd... what the sign has to say: GITTIN OUTTA here!"


We sing that a couple of times while packing up to leave work, and it has us high steppingo up out of the workplace, halfway running to our cars!

Dearest Cowgirl... thanks for your friendship all these years. You've gotten me through more than you know. And being your cubicle mate for the past 10 years is icing on the cake indeed! It is a blessing to know you.

Have a great time at the barn! Tell Felix I said Hi!

And make sure you come on back to work tomorrow, ya hear?

Don't get the notion to take the rest of the week off! Don't let me have to come find you!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day... on purpose!


  1. THANKS Girl!! You have been such a blessing to my life too. I slept in and read in the bed this morning!! Solomon kept me safe from all the UPS trucks and such while he kept tabs on me in the bed. I then spent the rest of the day with Felix. Lord knows I just LOOOVE him. He even greeted me with a throaty whinny. I would like to believe he that he was saying "Hey Mom!! Happy Birthday!! Give me treats so we can celebrate!! LOL!! I had fun!!

  2. OH and do just LOVE that Patti Song!!!

  3. Happy belated birthday Cre! I miss ya my friend but I think of you every time I go up the hill then down the hill to get my groceries. Lol

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Cre!!!


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