Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Freestyles...The Debate Edition

Once again it's Friday! This day seems to occur at the same time once a week. LOL

What makes today special is that it's PAYDAY!

*tosses dollar bills in the sky*

None of that. I don't think I even see a lot of my check. Most of everything, even savings, is on automatic payment.

Do you remember the days when you actually was handed a paper paycheck on pay day, and then you went and stood in line at the bank (or the check cashing center)?

My how times have changed. Everything is direct deposit now.

Technology is something else.

Anyway, the weather is strange here in the ATL. It is sunny now, but this morning it got real dark. I thought it would rain, which would make for a hellacious 5 mile commute to the workplace. But alas, it was just overcast.

I am about to run to the White People's Kroger to pick up some meds. They better have it ready. I dropped it off last night... Don't let me get up there and my meds aren't ready. *lee jumping over the counter and cold clocking the pharmacist*

No, I won't do that... but don't try me. Best have my meds ready and waiting. That is all.

Did you see the debate last night?

It was intense, wasn't it?

There were a couple of times there where Biden wanted holler "This is some bullsh**!"

But he used the words "malarky" and "stuff".

All I know, I won't be sending any letters to Biden, or saying anything in his presence. That man will bring it back up and throw it in your face.

And what was up with Ryan and his thirsty self?

What brand of bottled water was that? Because he was sipping hard. That's a nice frosted glass, too. I want a set of those.

I didn't learn anything new. Not sure why the repubs are being so tight-lipped about how they will reduce the budget. All this vagueness is not cute. The whole deal about wait until after the election sounds a bit suspect to me.

This is the way I look at it... and this is just me. It's one of those things where a man is trying to get you to drop your panties and he will say ANYTHING to get into them. And once he gets the coochie, he starts acting all funny.  You finally come to grips that he didn't care much about you... like he said he did. He was just trying to get it. You got duped.

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. We've all been through that.

That's the way I feel. And it's all a bit... uncomfortable.

I thought it was a good debate, though.

Hopefully the presidential debate taking place next week will be up to par. I am still waiting for everyone to get specific on the issues. Please.

Just think... this whole election will be over in less than 30 days. Thank goodness.

On tap for the weekend? Not much. I did much visiting last weekend. May do the same this weekend.

I'm just happy for the weekend, man.

I'm gonna have a good one... on purpose!

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