Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Cold Monday Morning!

Good Monday Morning...

Correct: Happy Cold Monday Morning.

It seems as if the days of 100 temperatures are gone. They are in the rearview mirror...

And now it's cold. In the ATL, our morning temperatures will be in the high 30s this week. I actually turned on the heat yesterday. I'd pulled out my trusty space heater for the bedroom a couple of times last week, but it is getting colder and that just won't do.

And there's a hurricane about to hit the Northeast. That's rare. I haven't really understood the forecasts concerning it. But it looks a bit ratchet. My prayers are with ya'll who are up there in the path of that. If you can get out and get to shelters or safety, do it. They say that it will be bad, but let's just pray that is a flub. I rather that people scoff and be mad at how bad it was said to get, rather than anything catastrophic to occur.

My weekend. It was a bit slow. I did NOTHING... save for take care of the sick and shut-in patient: Oscar-Tyrone. After a couple days in the hospital, he is home. They said he would need intense home care and maintenance. I am not sure what that means, but I'm not taking off from work. I've watched him all weekend and he's been to himself. I have a cage out in the garage, so I'm going to clean that this morning and place him in there. (I know that's gonna piss him off).

His prognosis: hepatitis, pancreatitis, gallbladder itis, irritable bowel syndrome.  He got the triaditus (yeah, they actually call it that). Man, he got isshas. He hasn't been eating or drinking much of anything.  I haven't seen him hit the litter box all weekend. He has to take 4 medications. They had to teach me how to give him his meds, which I'm not all that crazy about, but it has to be done.

He is not his usual active self. I've heard him meow twice this weekend since we've been home. He sleeps A LOT.

And he prefers the same place... on the back of the chair. I made sure to cover it with a sheet just in case he got the notion to start hurling.

I have creeped up on him a couple of time to make sure he's still alive. I call his name and he peeks at me.
Then he closes his eyes again. Good enough. Still alive. Still breathing.

They must have given him a bath at the vet. They must know I've never given him one. He smells like clothes fresh out the dryer.

I did take a nap on the couch yesterday afternoon, and I woke up to see him staring at me.

So I guess that's a good sign. He has always like to... stare. He was woke up every few hours and wants to be rubbed.  So that's good.

I bought him a little bed on Friday night, in an effort to keep him in one place. PetSmart had them on sale, so it was cheap. (And it matches the living room, lol). He has preferred the back of the chair, but after staring at the bed for awhile, he decided to give it a try.

They had to shave his leg to give him an IV. That looks a little creepy.

And then he was back to sleeping. A LOT.

And he has to deal with me poking him every couple of hours to make sure he is still alive. Overall, he seems to be alright. You got one good time to near bankrupt me on a pet bill. If he doesn't get better, I will have to put him to sleep. No need for him to suffer.

But for now, he's okay.

Quote of the Week.  

"A GOAL without a PLAN is simply a WISH".
That's a hard one for me to handle. I rarely make goals. I guess that makes me bad, lazy, and whatever else. Whatever. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm suppose to have these 5 and 10 year plans, but I don't. I sit back and admire people who do. If I am alive in 5 or 10 years, that is good. I am thankful for that. That don't mean I don't get anything done, but I do. Much done. But of course I could be getting tons more done if I had concrete, written out goals.

But that quote has me thinking. I remember hearing an actual very detailed sermon, when I was 20 years old,  on goals. And how they should be written. I think the backup scripture was that one out of Habbakuk, of writing the vision and making it plain. (As a matter of fact, the message version says write the vision in big block letters.)

They aren't goals if they aren't written. And how they should be separated into long term and short term goals. That was a lot for me to hear in church. But it has always stayed on my mind. I tend to accomplish goals when I do write them down. With an actual plan of action attached to them. So of course that Quote makes much sense.

I am learning it's not reaching the goal that's the only important thing. It's the many things you learn in the process of marching towards that goal that are equally important. The PLAN is just as important.

Yes indeed... a little food for thought for your Monday morning.

That is it for me. The goal this week is to have a great week... on purpose. The plan is to eat well, sleep well, and work well...

And take care of the sick and shut-in Original Oldcat. Let's hope and pray he lives a few more years.

With that said... you have a good week on purpose. 


  1. Awwww I'm gonna let Jaelyn read this lol. She is gonna be so happy he got a bath lol.

  2. (((hugs))) for Oscar-Tyrone...feel better soon!

  3. Poor Oscar-Tyrone! I hope he feels better soon. I just had a huge scare with my dog (some blood disease where he had to stay at Emergency Vet and have transfusions). I told him that's it for medical bills! But I must say, I don't regret it and every time he looks at me my heart melts. That's my boy.

    I had a cat that lived 16 years and brought me such joy when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. They said the chemo MAY give her another 6 months. Me and my baby had a chat and she said "I lived 16 happy loved filled years...I am good". She lived a few more weeks...happy and loved filled. I am sure there will be a point where O-T may have the same conversation with you.

    Keep an eye on him and I will be wishing him a quick recovery!


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