Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cornbread, Mitt, and Me!


Willard Mitt Romney!

Look at him. Doesn't he look presidential. White male over the age of 50. Presidential!


Mitt really wants to be president. He says to help the country. I'm not buying it. I think it's a item on his bucket list. Really.

Governor Romney is debating our President tonight. It is the first of three debates.

Mitt, you better bring it tonight, Sir. You betta hit 'em with the flex!

Yeah, just like that! Point your finger! Do the 2-fanger crooked Celie point! That will get my attention.

Mitt, I'ma tell you like Ike Turner told Tina in the movie What's Love Got to Do with It?

"You betta put some stink on it!"

I'ma tell you like Ike told one of the Ikettes:

"You better get it right or you gonna be frying fish tomorrow."

Frying fish...

Or making cornbread.

Hot water cornbread, that is.

Which brings me to the hot water cornbread recipe.

You saw in yesterday's post Mama Bandit's FABULOUS spread of food. She even made hot water cornbread.  And it was good.

Now... the hot water cornbread caught my attention. Only our older generation seems to be able to make it just right. Reader Lisa B. text me after reading yesterday's post and said she finally made some.

I arrived at Green Eyed Bandit's house just as Mama Bandit was gearing up to make her special hot water cornbread.

*LadyLee pulls trusty camera out*

She is use to me taking pictures when she is at the stove. In other words, she knows when to step back and let me take a picture of her progress. She know how to lovingly flip over whatever she is cooking with much flair indeed.

So like I said, she was making her hotwater cornbread.

"You know, Mama Bandit," I said. "I've been trying to figure out how to make the hot water cornbread for a minute. How do you make yours?"

"You start with cornmeal mix and flour," she replied. "2 parts cornmeal mix to 1 parts flour. Either one of those can be self rising. You need an egg, too."

She mixes the mixture up in a mixing bowl.

"Then you add some milk and some hot water. Add some salt and mix it up. Add a little oil and margerine to your pan. And get the grease hot. Then spoon it in."

Uh, okay.

Tell me something... Why is it that we can't get the GOOD cooks to give precise measurements?

A little milk and hot water. How much, Mama Bandit? How much?

She didn't say. And I didn't bother her much about it.

All I know it looked good. And it was cooking mighty fast.

There Mama Bandit is... spooning more cornbread mix into the skillet.
"Sometimes you need to add more oil," Mama Bandit said.

And that is exactly what she did.
"Why do you use margerine? I asked.

"Because it's cheaper."
"Alright," I said. Sounds good to me.

She finished up her hot water cornbread in less than 15 minutes. After that was done, we were in the kitchen fixing our plates.

That was the BEST I've ever had. My goodness. Just the right crispiness. All nice and buttery. Not dry, but just right.

I have made these in the past. I like to sautee some onions and peppers and mix them in the batter.

Lisa B. and her Mama make the hot water cornbread a little more stringently than described above.  They only use boiling hot water and cornmeal mix and salt. We had an intense discussion about that last year. And when she read the previous post, she text me immediately.

I texted her back saying "U do that straight up slave method... Meal, water and salt!"

"That's back when they had NUTHIN!" I added. "Celie we got this here meal and hot water. We gonna make us a good supper out of it!"


Lisa B. text back:  "Nothing fancy. Just the bare minimum... and it stood the test of time. And don't let Celie happen to find some dqndelion greens down by the creek. Gurrrl it would b on!!"

I know that's right, Lisa B.... That's that GOOD eatin' right there, babes.

Really though.

Green Eyed Bandit and I were watching Mama Bandit make the hot water cornbread. We decided that it is something we just have to try and make... and mess up a few times before we get it right.

Or we'll just leave it to Mitt Romney to figure it out if he muck up tonight's debate!

Because he's a done deal if he mess it up. He knows that.

*handing Mitt a pot of hot water and a sack of cornmeal*



  1. Thanks for the recipe and pictures.

  2. Anonymous4:16:00 PM

    Never quite got the hang of hot water cornbread....messed it up a few times when I was 19-21.... Maybe I'll REvisit I'm a much better cook 20 sumthin years

    OL Mitt....still shakin my head ...with his WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY on stage after the debate was over...THE 1st couple held IT DOWN....

    Dee in San Diego


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