Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Debates - Round 2

Alrighty now...

The 2nd debate is tonight.

Dear President Obama...

I'ma need you to come out swinging.

Get passionate!

Yeah, like THAT!

Because that what you did last time... that didn't work. Romney does more flips than an Olympic gymnast. I'ma need you to call him out tonight. Snatch his etch-a-sketch and smash it to the ground!

Because if you don't... uh, you might just lose this thing. Romney really wants to scratch "#28. Become President of the United States of America" off of his bucket list. He really does.

This debate will be town hall style, which is great for the President. That's where he is most comfortable... with the people.  With everyday people.

So work that out, Sir! Work it out!

1 comment:

  1. Agree, Agree, Agree. I wish he could be just as blatant as Biden, but really most of those "independents" that they care about don't like that style. Maybe he could meld he and Biden's style to find a happy medium that will make everyone happy and shut Romney down once and for all.

    Even if he doesn't get more impassioned tonight, I think he will just naturally do better because as you said, Town Hall is his comfort zone. He will have a chance to talk straight to the people.

    He better be ready to discuss Libya, though...and not in a two-step type way.


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