Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Freestyles... The Strong Chicken Edition

Yes, yes ya'll...

It is Friday.

And it is Pay Day!

And I, the Oldgirl, am feeling like a chicken!

Feeling quite like the confident chicken...

Feeling confident, with my wings on my hips, with my leather red and white catsuit on, standing tall with my head to the side.

Confident strong chicken!


No, but I feel okay because I have had a pretty productive week so far. And that is all I wanted for my week. Rarely do I have days where my workday goes by in  a blur, and I look up and it's time to go home. I like those types of days.

And today is August 31st, which I consider to be the last day of my summer. I rarely make goals for myself (which has to change), but I made a goal to save a specific amount of money over the past three months and I did that. I did that on purpose, man. I am happy about that. I even went a little over my goal. So now, I can start thinking about some other things.

I am looking forward to a good weekend. Heck, the weekend is GOOD automatically because it is a 3 day weekend! GLORY!!

My sister and I am going down to CowgirlCre's Family and Friends Labor Day gathering in the country on Saturday. That is ALWAYS a good time. So we will be there if it doesn't rain.

Sunday will be a day that I go get the winning gift cards, along with my shopping for the week. So if you won anything during the LadyLee bloggaversary sweepstakes, you will have your prizes by the end of the next week. Oh joy!!

But that's it for me... No long drawn out post. I really want to get to work a good hour early. I have much much much to do. And that's a good thing!

With that said, I hope you have a good Friday.

And make it a good Labor day weekend... on purpose!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Mine was spectacular!


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