Thursday, August 23, 2012

Snack! Snack! Snack... Crunch!

So I am sure you've seen this viral Hot Cheetos and Takis video.

It went viral last week. I thought I would let the fuss die down before I talk about it.

I'm particularly enamored with the young fellow at 2:45. I think that is Southern Black Gal's little boy O.

We thought it was a girl at first. You know the transgender stuff is happening earlier and earlier these days. It took my coworker Lt. Commander By, who has little boys, to convince us it was a boy!

Overall, we thought it was funny! I was just glad that they weren't rapping about bitches and hoes and weed and guns and crack. They're rapping about snacks.

I like what AverageBro said.... "Meanwhile, similarly aged Chinese children have mastered Boolean Algebra."

Yes! that's probably true. But these kids like their snacks!

Yeah, you know you got your healthy eating folks out there. Yeah, yeah. Focus back on this being an innocent rap song.  You're not all that innocent... Question: What were YOU eating when you were 10 years old?

Me? I was all about the Funyuns!

And the Orange Fanta!

If there was no Fanta, or if I was feeling real good that day, I splurged on the Grapefruit soda, that Fresca!

(Yes, I tracked down the can designs from the 1970s. That's how I remember those.)

I could get my funyuns and soda for 60 cents. Prices were better some 30 years ago, honey!

I was standing in line at the Wal-Mart last Saturday and lo and behold, I saw something strange:

Flaming Hot Funyuns!!??!! When did those come out? I've never seen hot funyuns!

Sorry, but that's a lot going on. I paid 50 cent for those (my old grab bag in the 1970s of funyuns use to be 35 cents. My how inflation has hit home!). Me and CowgirlCre tested them out. They were fine. But all that onion flavor and heat had too much going on. Wow. I'll pass on those.

I don't eat as much junk these days. I tend towards a bit of fruit...

"Grapes and Strawberries! Grapes and Strawberries! I can't get ennnnnuuuufff of my grapes and strawberries."

That doesn't have the same ring to it. Nerp.

But I'll be snacking on it anyway!


  1. Soooo I just watched this with the kids. We have NEVER heard or this NOR do we know what a Taki is lol.

    They love funyuns over here and Tony LOVES The hot ones. You know my stance on hot stuff. PASS!!! lol

  2. @Mama A... A taki is like a rolled up Dorito. More of a hispanic snack from what I hear. I had never heard of them either. It took a couple of people to explain them to me. Supposedly not as good as Doritos...

    Tell Uncle Tony that he is extra special for getting up on those Hot Funyuns! Yuck!

    We're gonna get you accustomed to hot food one of these days, hon! Yep!

  3. I saw some talks in the store for the very first time the other day and started singing the song.....I prefer regular funyuns but do like those flamin cheetos.

  4. I used to love Funyans. But my favorite snack as a kid was Hostess Suzy Q's and ice cold Coke. You can't pay me to touch either one nowadays.

  5. @ginae... My boss says takis are nasty. But they are cheap. I will stick with doritoes.

    @Chele... Can you say sugar high?? Wow. LOL.

  6. LOL. That song is now in my head. I can't believe I sat here and watched the whole thing.

    I love hot cheetos and takis too. I understand why they made a song about them. My son loves hot cheetos. I have got to show him this video.


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