Thursday, August 30, 2012

Supersonic Sushi!

One of our most interesting coworkers is a coworker I will call "Sushi".

That name was given to her by my cubicle mate, The CowgirlCre. You see, CowgirlCre ran up here when she was having some sushi for lunch one day. That made her sophisticated, you see. She wasn't a sandwich and salad girl like me or CowgirlCre.

She was high class. She ate sushi for lunch.

So when she happens to be walking down the hall, and she is spotted, she will hear us yell "Sushi!"

"Who is Sushi?" our boss has asked.

"That's your girl... Cuz she eat that sushi for lunch."

(I know Sushi just rolls her eyes.  She knows how special we are. We are bored. We will do ANYTHING to entertain ourselves til quitting time).

Anyway, she just had a birthday. I made a card for her. I put her name on the front to the card. I wanted to put "Sushi" but that would've been too much for her to explain to folks.

She likes stars. She has an interesting tattoo, a small spray of stars. I guess that means she likes stars.

She turned 27.
(I put Sushi on the back. Had to get that in, man.)

I don't really believe she is 27. She looks to be about 15.

She is the official youngster of the groups. She may as well be 15.

I like Sushi. She works really hard and really smart. She don't even bust a sweat. She just be walking up and down the hall with her paperwork, her ponytail swinging back and forth, like she out walking on the beach or something. I tell you, whenever I see her, it makes me want to go to the skating rink and skate and half some fun!

She is an excellent employee. I am lobbying HARD for her to be substitute supervisor when the boss is out. (Lawd knows I HATE when I come up in the rotation. Oh, I can't stand it). But my boss isn't down for that. I do think she will run the group well. With an iron fist, and that is fine with me. As long as I don't have to do it, who cares. LOL

I'm still working on that, Sushi! Keep hope alive, gal!


One day, I saw her walking down the hall... and I called out "Sushi! Come here, girl!"

She came back... I know it was reluctantly. I could tell by the look in her eye.  But whatever. I know she didn't want me to chase her down.

"You got on them shoes, girl. The shoes in the JJ Fad Supersonic video."

Do you know who JJ Fad is?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.

I almost don't believe her. I played the Stylistics for her one day. She thought it was horrible. I wanted to put her out the lab.

I pointed at her feet again. "Those are the Supersonic shoes you got on there, girl!!"

I pointed this out to our coworker Lieutennant By. "Come here, By!! Come look at her shoes. Those are the JJ Fad Shoes... from the JJ fad Supersonic video!"

Of course, By and I broke out into some Supersonic verse...

"Supersonic motivating rhymes are creative..."

"I'm suma suma lama lama..."

*lee whispering... "supersonic!"*


I loved that song! It came out when I was 18 years old. I knew every word, and could probably jump up and do a few of the dances they were doing in the video. That was the best song! That whole Supersonic cassette tape was GREAT!

Pour Sushi. She had to deal with our hard singing. She has the straight face mody times, staying poised and control. I KNOW she go back and talks about her...special coworkers.  I know we make for interesting conversation.

That's alright, honey. I still like that song. And those shoes.

And it gives me an excuse to post the video.

And as Missy Elliot likes to yell... REEEEEMIIIIIIXXXX!!!!

LOL! I'm not sure those are the shoes. I think Sushi has the later generation. But they definitely are the same style!

Happy Birthday, Sushi. May your 27th year be your best year yet!

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  1. Supersonic is gonna be stuck in my head ALL day lol.


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