Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A House of LadyLee Virtual Wedding Album!

Ah yes...

One of my favorite coworkers, Commander Meek-Meek, ran off to Detroit and got married!

I am sooooo happy for her... even though that meant abandoning me at work. We have worked in the same time shift together for years, and I just don't do well at all when she's not around. Not well at all. I trust her, she has a good work ethic, she is honest and I know she won't throw me under the bus. So that makes her fine by me.

So yes, I am happy to see her back! (yes, that is selfish of me. humph).

She brought in her wedding albums and we sat around and perused them. Thank goodness she sat there while we oohed and aahed over the picutres. If she would've walked off, I do believe I would've swiped a few of those pictures to keep for myself.

And she gave me permission to post some pictures.  I like to tack pictures high up on the walls of the House of LadyLee from time to time.

First of all, when she returned to work (even though I told her to take a month off), I asked to see her ring.

I was enamored not only by the rings, but by her manicure.

"That's those Detroit nails! They don't do nails like that in the ATL."

"Yes they do," Meek said. "My daughter knows where you can get them done like that."

"That's alright!" I said. "I'm not getting my nails done. If you see me with my nails done like that, you know I'm working the stripper pole somewhere at night!"

(CowgirlCre suggested that she gets her nails redone with gold tones... to match her military uniform for work. Not sure Meek liked that suggestion.)

Look at that ring!


"Those are real diamonds right there, Meek-Meek!"

"That's definitely not CZT," our boss said.

"Sure isn't cubic zirconias! Those aren't the diamonelles you see on the late night infomercials either!"


No, that's the real thing! That's that BLING!

Meek shines her diamonds every night with that "Diamond Shine"!

We ooohed and aaahed over this picture!

Oh what a beautiful bride!

It is so odd to see you out of uniform, Meek. I do think you would've set it off if you wore your formal military whites.

Meek didn't comment on that suggestion. LOL

I like the wedding dress. And I've never seen a veil that extends down into a train. When on earth did they start doing that?

"That's that Vera Wang, Meek," I said.

"No, that's that Gladys from Puerto Rico," she replied.


Here's Meek with her bridesmaids and her flower girl.

Everyone looks so nice in that green. Her flowergirl is her granddaughter. I've met her before. At that age, they are hours of fun. She did a great job as flower girl. (You know that type of thing can be touch and go with the little ones). She was on program, too, as she was charged with reciting the Lord's Prayer. I would've loved to have seen that!

Here's the groom and his groomsman, and Meek's father.

"Yo, I'm digging the all white he got on. It sets him apart from his groomsmen!"

It's actually cream. But it looks white on the picture.

"Why won't they smile? Why they all looking all hardcore!?"
"Detroit men don't smile," Meek said.


That's a hardcore town, and the men are hardcore, I suppose. Go head on and mean mug, fellas.

"Plus it was 95 degrees outside. They were hot."

I understand. Too much sun makes you frown up.  Well it makes me frown up. I know that much.

Here's A picture of the cake!

A small wedding cake with 2 sheet cakes. I think the sheet cakes are a great idea. Easier to deal with. (My mother has made wedding cakes for some 30 years. I know a good cake idea when I see one.)

And finally a picture of the full wedding party...

Ahhh... Some of the fellas are smiling. I really like that picture.

Meek! Congratulations on your nuptials. And thanks for allowing me to create a virtual wedding album. I can come back and peruse these pictures as much as I please.

And I'm glad you're back at work, hon. I just don't do well without ya, girl.

I just don't.

*lee leaning against the wall and crying hard*


(I still think you should've taken a whole month off. Humph).


  1. CONGRATS LT MEEK- MEEK ( LT SALT ) !!!! I am so happy for yall !!

  2. So beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. @Cowgirl Cre... Yeah, that's LT. MEEK SALT! She fooled us good, with her undercover self!

    Congrats Meek :)

  4. Awww congrats! Great pics!

  5. Congratulations!!


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