Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bon Voyage, Lady Lifetime!

So one of my coworkers is leaving the beloved oppressor, I mean, workplace.


Lady Lifetime! She's leaving! I call her that because we both like Lifetime television and have discussed it often. And I rarely use folks real name on the blog.

However, her name is all over her going away cake!

Bon Voyage Michelle!!!  Bye girl!

She is going to Uganda! Can you imagine? Uganda! What a change!

Her hubby will be working over there for a couple years, so the fam is relocating.  That is going to be something else.

I was excited. And you know how I love making cards. Here's the one I made for her.

That was a fun one to make. I found some really cool 3D african animal stickers.

She loved it. She said she was going to frame it. *tears*

Her party was the bomb. Our coworker did a great job.

I was wondering if she was going to have some type of party. "Your peeps doing something for you?" I asked, referring to her lunch bunch. "Cuz you know I'm antisocial. I don't do that planning and gathering together stuff. I already bought my gift for you."

Yeah, I got issues. Even at regular work meetings... I'm not really there. My mind is busy doing something else.

But the party was announced and I went. (Yay me. This is rare).

Cake and chips... and fruit.

You know how I feel about fruit. My eyes glazed over when I saw that. If the lights had gone out, I would've stolen the whole bowl. You know how much juice I could make from that fruit?


I know Lady Lifetime gotta go, but I am sad to see her go. She is one of the few people I am glad to see at work. I cheese like Celie when she walks my way. She is a funny chick. She was in my group and she worked very hard. (Had to tell her a couple of times "Slow down, Ma. You working to fast!")

She has a great testimony and outlook on things. And we have also had some conversations that have freed my mind in a couple of areas. When my path crosses up with such people, I have a deep amount of respect for it. (You know how I feel about paths). And you know me, I always sow some seed of thanks toward that. I wrote her a short letter, tucked in some going away cash, and tucked it in  her card.  

And now she is off to the Motherland.

Lady Lifetime, have a safe journey. I know you will go over there and do great things. Because you are a great Oldgirl!

Glad I knew you for a season! I will remember you always!

Bon Voyage!

Your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl (and former coworker) LadyLee :)


  1. Yep! We are gonna miss Lady Lifetime!! I wish we could have shipped some other people off instead!!

  2. Aww thanks Ol'girl! Now I need a box of tissues. And I can't believe I got a whole post dedicated to me, i feel so special. Don't fret Ladylee and Cowgirl Cre, you are both with me in spirit. And, I'll be back to the Atl for a visit and will definitely hit you up to come have lunch with me! Peace!


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