Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Freestyles

First of all... GO GABBY!

Way to go on winning that gymnastics gold medal in best all around. GO Flying Squirrel!

I tell you... the ONE night I don't watch the Olympics on TV, something this big happens. First Sister to win that coveted title. WOW.

I was watching Chopped on the Food Network. (Slapping myself).

This year is moving along fairly quickly.

Another Friday has arrived.

And today is PayDay!

Got my money honey! I will ball 'til I fall!

I have had a strange week. I have been dealing with a little insomnia for whatever reason, and that has made my days a bit hard, where I am not all that attentive. So needless to say, I am looking forward to the weekend so that I can try to get myself on some type of reasonable sleep schedule.

At least I don't have to cut grass this weekend. Thank goodness for that! Looks like everytime I turn around I'm cutting grass. Sigh!

This Week's Highlights. I had a most... interesting conversation with my sister Kentucky this weekend. She is the family diplomat of sorts (I am the black sheep), and she catches me up on family drama and her own frustrations with it all.

Something strange happened. My Grandma snapped on my Mother. O_O.

You have to understand. My grandma is the quietest meekest person I know. She don't even talk loud. You have to strain to hear her slight soprano voice. That woman don't snap on people. I have recognized the desire to do so in her eyes two or three times over the years. But never seen or heard of her doing so.  She's just very much in control of her emotions.

I am just O_O. I want to call her and go "ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!"

I may just get that indiosyncracy that I have from her. You keep messing with me, I will snap on you.

Good grief, Grandma. I will have to call her. Calm her down.

There were two positive highlights to my week.  I made cookies a couple of days ago for one of my favorite administrative assistants who has been out sick and has returned to work. She loves oatmeal raisin cookies and asks about them often. I had some left over so I split those with another one of my favorite administrative assistants. As you can see, she is very protective of her cookies.

As a matter of fact, when I walked into her office, she was about to make a phone call. She hung that phone up QUICKLY. Said she could call them later.  LOL

Also, my coworker gets married on Saturday. I gave her some gifts, but you know me... I made a lovely card for her.

She kept it all HIGHLY secret. (I asked her if I could post on it, and she said yes. Heck man, the time is here anyway.). This is an Olympic feat in our workplace, keeping something like that under wraps.  Heck, I think I've been more excited than she has. Anyway, she was to catch a flight up to Detroit on Thursday afternoon, and she was going to catch our beloved MARTA train to get to the airport. I told her "NO WAY! Lucy the Lexus will take you to the airport, honey!"

So I chauffered her to the airport yesterday afternoon to make sure she got there on time. (Meek Meek is ALWAYS running late). I even bought her some light snacks and told her to ride in the back seat like a movie star. (Of course she wouldn't do that. LOL. She stashed her snacks in her purse for the plane ride.

So I have a big post coming up on that next week! Hilarious!

Congratulations Commander Bivins! Enjoy your special day :)

Those were the highlights of my week. Why? Because they were acts of kindness from my heart. And I love sowing seed. LOVE IT.

Other highlights. Serenity_23's blog is back up. Thank goodness. So if you were a fan, go back over and have a look. She is better than ever. I've been talking with her all along (and we have been throwing each other into verbal headlocks, lol), but I am glad she is back up and writing good stuff as always.

Quotes of the Week.  From a book I'm reading, The Law of Recognition, by Mike Murdock.

You will never respect anyone you are capable of decieving.

Right people energize you. Wrong people exhaust you.

Withdraw from any relationship if guilt, fear, or a sense of entrapment emerges.

Define your present relationships honestly and clearly. If you persist in an unwholesome relationship, painful consequences will teach you. 

I like the last two. Man, I don't mess around in unwholesome craziness too long. You are NOT going to make me feel guilty, have me scared, or entrap me, either. You are not gonna exhaust me either, you wrong person you!

NERP. I'll holler.

Those are for blogger Chele. Why? Because I know she'll like them!

The weekend is nigh, and I would like for it to go by sloooooowwww...  See if that happens.

All I know, I will make the best of it... on purpose!


  1. I like those too Lee. The 2nd and 3rd one are punching me in the gut...I think I have some house cleaning to do. Been feeling exhausted lately.

  2. Those quotes were on point. You know me too well! Wish I would've read them about nine years ago. Oh well, better late than never.

  3. I love the first two! awesome!


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