Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday, Seargent Cookies!

My baby brother...

I can't call him Milk and Cookies anymore. He is getting a bit old. I have to call him by his title.

Happy Birthday Seargent Cookies!

He turned 25 on Sunday. And he's over in Afghanistan right now.

Here's a picture of him now.

Not sure what's up with that pose. Trying to be cool, I suppose.

He's really heavy into his biker thing. He's part of some riding group out in Seattle, where he's stationed.
Again, he is trying to look cool. With those bushy eyebrows of his. And that doo-rag.

But I choose to remember him as a baby. 25 years ago, a big headed baby boy was born!

Hollering and screaming like he'd lost his mind!!

!!!!Happy 25th Birthday MILK AND COOKIES!!!!
And here are a few other pics, some of the favorites taken at my house.

Him and his dog.

They look alike.

Him and The Original Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone.

Oscar is pissed.  He does not bite or scratch, but I bet he would've that day. LOL

Me in the bed and him showing up one day.

That's one of those "Go get my camera, boy, so I can take a picture of you... cuz you know I'm not getting up out of this bed!" LOL

This is one of my favorite pictures. He had reserve training that morning, and I took pictures of him before he left for it.

Here's a picture of him in front of my house with his beloved motorcycle.

He thinks he's cool.

And here's a picture of him with his car.

I hated that car. Those tires were awful. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride. I felt like I had to let the bar down over my self instead of put on my seat belt. Ugh.

Here's a picture we took right after getting out of church.

And this is him again... trying to look cool in his uniform.

LOL. He know he loves taking pictures.

On his facebook page I left a message that said "Happy Birthday Lil' Egg!"

That's our mother's pet name for him.

LOL. He's not so little anymore. But he will always be "Lil' Egg!"

Happy Birthday, Lil Egg... and Many, Many more!!

Love, big sister Lisa.


  1. wow, I wish I had pictures of me when I was first born. How awesome! Happy birthday Sergeant Cookies!

  2. LOL I loved all the pics! Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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