Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, Monday... Oh well. Oh joy!

Happy Monday Morning.

I am not all that happy. I have to go to the doctor this morning. And I've been a bit ratchet over the past 8 weeks, so I will probably have to hear some noise from my doctor. OH WELL.

It would be nice to take the day off, but I'm not going to do that. I have to go to work. OH JOY!


This weekend was okay. I wasn't feeling 100% so I didn't get much of anything done. I got a few chores done, and I got out there and cut the grass (thank goodness).

I even managed to wash Pam.

 She is squeaky clean!
She never gets the photo ops that Lucy gets. I got her from her good side, the side with the hubcaps! Here's to you, dear Pam!

I've been driving her this weekend. I'm about to make the 60 mile round trip to the doctor's office today in her. (Lucy has an eigth of a tank of gas, and she won't be getting any 'til payday. Pam's tank has been full for a good week and a half.  So she's on program this week. Yes... I am bootleg like that).

Oh well.

Republican convention. Well well well. The conventions are about to be underway. And the Republicans have to do something. This is the second time they have nominated a candidate that they simply do not like. Compound that with the fact that Romney doesn't want to talk about his past at Bain, or as the Massachussets governor, among other things. Ugh. Is this a bad joke.

I haven't taken the Republican party seriously since they've been spouting this birther mess.  How can I.

Here's my theory on the whole fiasco: Obama is a first generation African American. And you have to remember, as african americans, we are probably 6 generations removed from Africa.  We aren't that far removed from the Jim Crow laws, where we were only considered three-fifths of a human being. We just got our full rights (if you want to call it that), within the past 2 generations. It doesn't surprise me that they are up in arms about Obama being even born on US soil. Not one bit. But it is still stupid. Especially considering that the hospital of birth at that time in Hawaii placed the birth announcements in the paper. That alone should kill the birther speculation. But nooooo...

Oh well.

And the republicans can make the economy perfect (what a fantasy that is)... That's all well and good, but you women out there won't be able to get birth control. an abortion, or female health care if they have their way. That is scary. And for goodness sake, don't be a victim of rape. Can you say "second class citizen"?

Oh well.

I'm going to watch some of the republican convention. Might as well. I like to know how the party spins sees things. Might dispell some of my thoughts. I'm still perplexed about them nominating a candidate they don't even like. Why should I?

Hurricane Isaac.  Oh my. A hurricane is about to hit somewhere along the gulf coast sometime this week.  And imagine the fact that I wanted to get out and cut the grass before we caught all that rain (we will get some of the bands, but the remnants won't be hitting here as hard).

It is suppose to hit 7 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina hit.  My goodness, the area hasn't even fully recovered yet. Especially New Orleans.  My prayers go out to them. I know no one needs to deal with the situation all over again.

Picture of the Week. My former coworker Lady Lifetime is getting settled in Uganda right now. It is interesting to chat with her on Words with Friends concerning how things are over there.

"I've been out all day hunting and gathering food!"

"I'm convinced that the chicken is roadkill here!"

Man. The conveniences of the USA are exactly that. Conveniences. I couldn't imagine no fast food restaurants or processed food products. Everything has to cooked from scratch. That is cool with me, since I like fresh fruit and veggies, but not having the options has to be taxing.

Anyway, she was having lunch at a restaurant there, and saw this:

Wow.. I bet I won't see that on Peachtree street, will I? Oh Joy!

Only in the motherland indeed!

I hope it's a wonderful experience for her and the fam... I truly do.

I'm going to have a productive week. Both personally, and at work... I surely am.

On purpose. 


  1. Did you say 'ratchet'? lol

    I am rolling at you saying you had to get the good side of Pam with the hubcaps.

    Just added Lady Lifetime's blog to my reader. I like reading about people moving to another country. I can't imagine having to cook from scratch everyday.

  2. @Southern Black Gal... Yes I have been a bit ratchet, i.e., not staying with my eating plan, and doing stupid stuff like not taking some of my meds. So I am not feeling 100%. That is MY fault.

    Actually she was nice to me, as I sat there and tried to spin things. Usually she snaps. I guess she needs to take a better reverse psychology approach with me, lol.

    Gal, I'm missing two hubcaps. Time to go get some spinners! Maybe I can find some that have lights on them!

    Yes, i hope Lady Lifetime keeps the postings up. Her thoughts and perspective about the whole move have been very interesting.


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