Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kentucky!!!

My sister turns 31 today!

Happy birthday, Kentucky!!!

By the way, Kentucky isn't her real name. She has one of those interesting names that NO ONE else on the planet has. Although there's a chick in my writing group named Kianni. Her name is VERY close to that, but with many more letters. 

She was born when I was 11 years old. I posted about the morning she was born a few years ago. That was the year I started high school. I remember our mother taking me to register, and she had this little bundle of joy in her arms. 

It doesn't feel like 31 years. My how time flies.

I asked Kentucky what she wanted for her birthday. She said the usual... "I don't know"!

(kicking the hard eyeroll at her)

Awhile ago I told her "I'll just get you a gas card."

"That is fine," is her quick reply. "Just fine."

Everybody can use gas, you know. 

Last birthday was her 30th birthday. We went to ChowBaby for dinner. I gave her 12 bottles of this bougi mint water she likes to drink and a handful of cash! She almost jumped up and ran around that restaurant. 


She was a happy chicken indeed that day. 

I think she and her friends are hanging out tonight. She tried calling yesterday but I didn't catch her call. I will call her BRIGHT and early in the morning. She leaves the house at 6... so why don't I just call her now. (She sleeps hard... she will not answer the phone. 

So happy birthday, girl. Love you much! 

Hope to see you this weekend... so I can give you your gas card!!!


  1. Happy Birthday !!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kentucky!

  3. unityfalls9:24:00 AM

    Happy Bithday and many happy returns of the day!

  4. Happiest of birthdays to Kentucky!


  6. Happy Birthday Kentucky! Everybody can use a gas card with the way gas prices are creeping back up

  7. Anonymous12:13:00 PM

    Happy Birthday Kentucky and many blessed more!!!!


  8. Happy Bday, Kentucky!!
    The way you mention her weekly you would think we all know her too.

  9. Happy Birthday Kentucky!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Kaye! HA her other alias! Need to see both of you soon!

  11. Aww Happy Belated Birthday!


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