Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WINNERS of the LadyLee 7th Bloggaversary Sweepstakes!!

The Sweepstakes is over and we finally have winners!


If you didn't participate, that's on YOU. YOU, honey, missed out of fabulous cash and prizes!!

But we have winners!


The veterans of my giveaways know the deal... comment and comment often! And as a result, we had close to 80 comments, emails and texts that qualified as entries!

So... all those entries were placed in a cup...

I hired my coworker , the Good Lt. Commander By, to pull the winning entries!

There he is, expertly mixing up the entries!

Lt. Commander By... what nice hands you have. They're not even ashy. Your wife must make sure you put on your Ultra Healing Jergens lotion every morning before work.  (Thanks Mrs. By... us chickens appreciate that! Nothing worse than a dude with ashy hands!)

Lt. Commander By commences to pulling  the prize winning entries...
I was hoping his watch and ring would fall off into the cup... they look quite pawnable. LOL

He pulled the names and wrote the prize on the back of the slip. 1st name out won 1st prize and so on...

And the winners are!!!

1st prize - $77 dollar gift card - SASHA

2nd prize - book + $10 gift card - REMNANTS of U

3rd prize - cookies - ALI


*throws glitter*

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

*grabs winners' hands and runs through a field of purple flowers*

Remnants already has a hardback copy of the book. I know because I met her at a signing. (What a surprise!)

Honey, we'll substitute some cookies for that book!

I may have to give that paperback copy of the book to Tayari to use in one of her giveaways. Everybody who reads this blog seems to have a copy of the book, whether won or bought on your own. (Yeah, I was pushing and advertising that book. I was her bootleg self imposed publicist, man!!)

Congrats to the lucky winners!  Get your information to me soon as possible (be specific about gift card and cookie types PLEASE). email me at oldgirl_1@earthlink.net or Oldgirlladylee@gmail.com.

Those gifts will be sent out around September 1st at the latest!

Thanks again for participating! It was my chance to give some of the lurkers a chance to come out of the woodworks! You can go back to lurking now!

Now Lt. Commander By was not only an excellent puller of winning tickets... he was also a great hand model.

Here's a better hand model... Lt. Commander Meek-Meek...

Yes. She is back from her wedding and honeymoon... I am happy to see her. She is my constant work partner... I have been in dire straights since she has been gone. Next time, I will just take off too... doggonit.

Pics coming up tomorrow!


  1. LOL@ Pawnable lol
    COngrats winners!!!!

  2. Congrats to the winners!

  3. CONGRATS to the winners!!

    @adrienne - That whole pawnable got me too!! Trying to hit up a man in uniform on the sly!! LOL!!

  4. Congrats to the winners.

  5. Anonymous10:38:00 AM

    Congrats winners!!!!!!!


  6. I like Lt commander Meek-Meek's manicure.

    Congrats to the winners!

  7. *Doing a happy dance*
    I thought I missed the drawing. And then surprise!

  8. @Southern Black Gal... Yes. I like the manicure too. That is what caught my attention. Never seen a chick with hot nails in uniform. LOL

    @Remnants of U... Congrats, Oldgirl! You can go shopping AND eat a cookie! LOL

  9. *moonwalking around the room*


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