Monday, August 13, 2012

***BLoGGaVersARy #7****


*throws glitter*

It's my Bloggaversary!

This blog is SEVEN years old!

My goodness! If this blog was a kid, it'll be starting 2nd grade! LOL


*throws glitter*

I started this blog, formerly titled "LadyLee... The Original Oldgirl", back when I was 35 years old in the year 2005. Now I am 42 years young and this is "The House of LadyLee".

But you know I will always be your Friendly Neighborhood Original Oldgirl LadyLee.


7 years. 1372 blog posts. 8682 comments. An average of 5000 page views per month.

Humph. That's a lot going on. And there's a LOT of lurking going on.

And you know I like to bring lurkers out from time to time, right?

No I am not a comment whore. Never have been, never will be. Most folks don't like to comment. I myself read a lot of blogs and I don't comment.

BUT... this is my bloggaversary. And I haven't thrown a giveway since my 40th birthday if I'm remembering right.


I'm giving away a $7 dollar gift card... Wherever you like to shop. I just have to be able to find it in the ATL.  That's all.

Oh... oops... that's a typo.

I meant to say $77.

Yeah you read that right.


Blog family hollers "You's a baller, LadyLee. A straight BALLER!"

No, that's not balling. And I can save that up over a couple of paychecks. (That's how I look at large money these days). I just haven't given away anything in awhile, which is bad. Gotta do better babes. Time for a Sweepstakes.

You think I'm lying? No, Ma! We'll put that in big print, just in case you blind as a cross-eyed bat:


'Tis a the place of your choice. You might like to hang out at the Wal-mart like I do. Or you may be sophisticated, i.e, like to toot your nose up and walk the aisles of Target.

Or you might be a FREAK of the week and do the Fredricks of Hollywood thing.

I can't give you a gift card for weed or crack or heroin. Although I did watch a drug deal go down on my way home tonight. Those jokers were in the middle of the street. I had to wait for them to finish so I could turn into my neighborhood.

I had the urge to yell "FREEZE! POLICE!!! GIT ON THE GROUND!!!" out of my car window. But I didn't want to get shot.

I waited patiently for them to move out of the way. I waved and went home. I can't judge folk. I bought some weed on the street 20 years ago. Do you. Just stay out from in front of my house. And get out of my way so I can go home.

I don't think those fellas give out gift cards. You best request something legal, babes.


Second prize is a paperback copy of Tayari Jones Silver Sparrow.

As my Grandma would say "Looka there, looka there!"

An autographed copy. And she signed it "Courtesy of the House of LadyLee"!

Why did she do that?

'Cuz she's my homegirl! We SWATS rolling! And I told her to do it!


(((lee throws up SWATS gang sign)))

This is a good and bad thing. I gave away 15 copies of the hardcover edition. All autographed, some personally. Ya'll were like some straight up vultures on that one. I don't know how to give away the paperback of Silver Sparrow when we ALL got up on that book. But I'll add a $10 gift card with it. That will make it special.

So... It's a giveway. Pulling the winner out of hat. Comment as much as you want. Talk to bloggers Chele and Southern Black Gal. They know how to win some stuff. You better comment. All week.

Let's see... I still owe Green Eyed Bandit a blanket from an earlier giveaway. But I can't find the colors she wants. It frustrates the cheese outta me. SO bandit, I'm going to make a Delta blanket. You gonna have to deal with that. (Shoulda did that in the first place. Humph).

I usually give away cookies. (Unityfalls, I haven't forgotten you, Oldgirl. You either, La).  It's too hot to send chocolate chip cookies. You'll have a hot mess on your hands. And I don't need you opening your Good Books of Cuss on me. No ma'am.

So 3rd place prize is a tin of cookies. You have to wait if you want chocolate chip. Or, if you want oatmeal raisin, then I can get those out in the heat. I've shipped a couple of tins of those from ATL to California in 100 degree weather and they didn't go bad and nobody got food poisoning. So that's a go.


1st place - $77.00 gift card
2nd place - Autographed copy of Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones and $10 gift card
3rd place - cookies

Work it out! I know the comment system is like Fort knox (that's the reason I don't comment much), but hey... free money, reading material, and food. Shoot. You can't beat that. You better crack that code!

No purchase necessary to win. And it applies to comments on all posts this week. Sweepstakes closes on Sunday at midnight. That means I may be posting on the weekend. Who knows. I posted some scriptural ponderings yesterday, so you never know. If you can't comment, do what others do: blow up my phone with the text messages. Or send an email!  or

Please put HOUSE OF LADYLEE SWEEPSTAKES or something like that in the title. Otherwise I will think it's some viagra or penile implant or fake rolex spam, and it will get deleted. Alright?


Bloggaversary Song of the Week. This song makes me happy!!!

If you don't know your days of the week, you know them by the time you finish listening to that song.

Really though.


If you win, you'll be singing "Sun is shining... zoom-a-zoop zoop zoop!"

Happy Bloggaversery to ME!

If I had to make a list of the people, places and things that have had the most positive impact on me over the years, this blog would be on this list. This is a place of therapy for me. It is where I talk to myself about things, and where I come to encourage myself. It is a resting place where I can come and get a good laugh... or have a good cry. It is where I can work things out in my head. It is a place where I can examine my pain and deal with it. I am consistent here. And with inconsistency being one of my weaknesses, this blog reminds me that consistency could be a possible strength someday.

It is my place. It is my House. No stress. No mess. Just good times. Just like the motto says

"At the House of LadyLee, We like to keep it Smurfy!"

It is the House of LadyLee.

I have met some wonderful people through this blog... People that I wouldn't have met otherwise. So with that said, I know that this all fits into my purpose and plans in life. And that's a good thing. And it will continue. My heart is still in it, and I don't feel my foot letting up off the virtual gas pedal. Nerp.

And I am so happy that you have stopped through and grabbed a chair and pondered the words scrawled high up on the walls. That's the icing on the cake!

Happy Bloggaversary to ME!

I'm going to make it a good one... ON PURPOSE.


  1. JustMoe8:47:00 AM

    SCREAMING Happy Bloggaversary to YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know I busted out laughing and had people looking at me like I was a fool for that Freexe Police Git on the ground and that you brought weed 20 years ago. (Lee Dont say that again) lmao.

  2. Happy Bloggaversary!
    I have won a giveaway here. It is such a treat and I get giddy. I will try and comment as much as I can. I have limited Net access. I miss reading here.

  3. *Throws glitter and twirls around like Wonder Woman*

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Um, I don't know about everyone else but I am eye balling those 3rd place cookies! LOL!

    KayC sings "You's a baller, LadyLee. A straight BALLER!"


  4. @Moe... Man, you know I was looking at them like "What are they doing?.... oh, ok." I sat patiently while they made exchanges. No one bothered me. I ain't bothering them.

    Yep. I bought some weed on the street. So no need for me to get all sanctimonious on folks. We were all at one time one or two bad decisions away from selling drugs or a** on the street corner. Humph.

    @Shai... Your one entry is fine, hon. Just enter to win!

    @KayC... Uh, you live in the same city as I. You can get cookies anytime, girl. You know that! (and I still owe you a subscription... Ain't forgot about that, lol)

  5. Anonymous10:47:00 AM

    Happy Blogaversary

    Lurker here :)

    I enjoy reading all your post.... I usually don't comment...but I must say during my work day I'm always here reading a post..or looking at past post or whatever :)


  6. Seven years??? I don't even know how long I've been blogging. Guess I should check, huh?

    Anywho, it is only fitting that today is your anniversary and I made my mantra today to have a great day on purpose. My family is putting me THROUGH IT. But your simple words have reminded me to refocus and that I can put just as much energy into making it a great day that I can complaining about it being a piss poor day.

    So, thank you Good Doctor, for your words of wisdom that have become a part of my life. You're irreplaceable! And I don't comment as often but I'm ALWAYS reading. You're the first blog listed in my Reader.

    Here's to the next 1000 posts!!!

  7. @Nikki... Thanks! It's alright to lurk, girl. I got a LOT of lurkers. Just trying to show a little appreciation for you stopping by to read... I am sure er'body can use a gift card!

    @That Southern Black Girl... Thanks, T.I. Jocker!

    @sayitlikethis... Thanks Good Counselor! *throws gavel and glitter*

    You know, I have purposed to always find something good about my day. If the day has been terrible, but if I made it home without dying in a car accident... THAT alone makes it a GREAT day. Many people didn't make it home that day. I did. Good enough. And tomorrow is a new day.

    You have a good day on purpose. The family can sit on the sideline and throw spitballs... and watch you strut threw it all!

    Wedding is coming up soon, eh? *throws glitter*

  8. Anonymous12:32:00 PM

    Happy Bloggaversay!!!!

    Enjoy your writing and give aways.


  9. Hey Ladylee!! I've started lurking your blog again in June when I moved back to Tampa. Now, a giveaway...Don't mind if I do! lol!

    On a serious note, I've been reading your blog for about 2 years now. I love giggling to myself at lunch break when reading your posts, especially on Payday Friday...GLORY! LOL!
    Enter me please.

  10. Happy anniversary! Seven years is a long time. I love love love the giveaways. I want more cookies! Except I can't eat them until this fast is over. But still ...

  11. Dorothy4:12:00 PM

    Delurking here -- yeah, cookies (homemade oatmeal & raisin ... to die for!) will get me out of these bushes! Ms. Ladylee, I love the blog -- you always give me food for thought. Appreciate that, ma'am! :) Happy blogoversy and keep on writing!

  12. unityfalls7:48:00 PM

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  13. Happy Blogversary!

    I'm so happy you waited patiently for the drug deal to finish. We can't have Dr. Lee...baker of cookies; maker of blankets; inspirational writer. Shot in the streets of Atlanta.

  14. Well Happy Blogversary to ya chick!
    I'm with KayC...I'm eyeing dem cookies!

  15. Anonymous1:45:00 AM

    IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY a la Tony. Toni. Tone.

    Am I still a lurker...not sure, lurked for years...did daily blog bys....lurker or not....COOKIES.....a la cookie monster....I'm a Walmart kinda gal myself...but ANTYWHOO

    Happy anniversary Lady.... You've given me so much food for thought over the years and helped me work thru so much of my STUFF sometimes I feel like I owe you a doesn't really matter if I win or're still one of my FAV bloggers and my friend in my head...lmao
    My boys still can't believe you sent me cookies AND I ATE THEM ALL....

    I love and appreciate your blog.....
    Dee in San diego

  16. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging and inspiring. As usual, back to lurkdom...

  17. Congatulations on 7 years! I started blogging in 2005 as well.. Geaux us! I would like to enter the giveaway.. And if I win those cookies I want them ASAP... No ifs, ands or butts!

  18. Congratulations Dr. P! Now you know I love your blogs, especially when I see our conversations evolve into a post. Others may be stalkers, but I am your #1 post topics girl...LOL. Cause of you and Serenity, I have started blogging last year.

    Its funny, everyone wants the cookies! Now you know what I want! The Delta is fine. I wish I knew you stressing over the colors. Can't NEVER go wrong with red and white!

  19. Happy Anniversary Lee!!! Seven years of Congrats! And having recently discovered that I like reggae, I am digging this song.

  20. I had this LONG post and my phone ate it, sooo


    I'll take a tin of chocolate chip with nuts :-)

  21. I think it was about 2005 when I started blogging too, or it may have been 2006. I agree w/ you, I am SO thankful for the folk I have met due to blogging. Ya'll are the greatest!


    Ya'll can have the cookies lol. I want the $77.00 lol


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