Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Freestyles...The Olympic Edition

Friday is here once again.

And I must say I'm happy to see it.

And it's dreary in the ATL.  I'm just glad it's not 105 degrees outside. *cartwheels*

I tell you one thing: I have been enjoying the Olympic games. I love the summer games much more than the winter games. And I love all the wonderful personal stories that come out of the games.

Heck man, I might just go get some of those yellow highlighter Nikes! (yeah right. Those shoes are probably $200.)

I am reminded that their are 7 billion people on this earth. And we all have our own unique personal story. No two are the same. No two people are the same. And that is a wonderful thing.

What I haven't cared for is the heights that social networking have taken things. All that anonymity has somehow given people occasion to be downright mean. And yes, it is what is is. It is reality.  Some of us need to learn to use our inside voice. I still maintain that all of that negativity is one's way to cover up one's inadequacies. If I wasn't feeling bad about myself, I wouldn't have to hone in on someone's shortcomings. I would be celebrating their strengths.

But that's just my belief. That's how I conduct myself. I have too many personal shortcomings that I need to get focused on. I came across an interesting piece of scripture concerning that. I will write about that on Sunday. Hmm...

But overall I have loved the Olympics. I REALLY need for it all to be over, though. It has taken up too much of my personal time.

I do like being reminded that if I have a goal... I should strive for it. That is the spirit and purpose of the Olympic games in my opinion.

This has been a good workweek. Pretty quiet at work. I miss my lab partner who works late with me! She's on her honeymoon. I will probably faint when she comes back. I will be so happy to see her. CowgirlCre has been volunteering to stay late with me. (CowgirlCre just burst into laughter at the false nature of that statement, lol).

Song of the week. "Cherish the day" by Sade, the live version. We watch this at work (well I force CowgirlCre to watch some of it. I think we are burnt out on Sade, thanks to a coworker who's a Sade STAN).

We are particularly enamored with the dance she does at 2:28 minutes. We sit at our desk and try to do it.

I am not that limber. I can stick my foot out. That's about it.

That is my FAVORITE Sade song. Wow! Loved it. If I could pay them 20 dollars to get in and just see that encore performance at the end, I would be GOOD!


I am looking forward to the weekend. Because it will be great. Gonna make it great!

On purpose.

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