Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Freestyles...The Foto Edition

Good Friday Morning...

Thanks to all who participated in the Sweepstakes! The winners sent their information and requests very promptly with no prodding and begging from me, lol. That was fun! I have to have more giveaways, just to bring you lurkers out of the clouds!

This week went by FAST for some reason. Just odd. But I'm not complaining. At all.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Lot's of my routine stuff to do: cut grass and clean up.

Actually, I cut the backyard and one side of the house on Thursday evening after work, since it's cooler in the evenings. That will be the strategy until the fall. Break it all up over two or three days. We will see how that go.

Let me stop thinking and writing on the fly. Back to this post.

Friday Fotos. I took many photos this week. I want to post some of the more interesting ones.

So I went to the farmer's market on Tuesday evening. I like going during the week because it's not crowded like we're in a club on a hot Friday night, lol. Anyway, I saw the most interesting vegetable:

That is celery root. I am sure it's good. I saw a celery root soup recipe once.

But it looks like something from another planet. It looks like an alien will shoot out of it at any moment.

Yes, I left that on the shelf. I'm going to have to come across that at somebody's resturant or something.

I just had to take a picture of it. No picture taking is allowed in that place. The last time I took a picture, they hemmed me up. They hit me with the Celie crooked fanger curse. It was not a good luck. But I snapped that pic on the sly!

So... I was in the lab. I walked back up from my desk, rounded the corner heading for my cubicle and there stood my coworker T-Love with a huge cleaver in one hand and a hammer in another:

"Whoa... Yo, man," I said, as I stopped in my tracks (far from him).  "You alright? What's going on?"

He laughed.

Not funny. He looked quite... dangerous.

They were trying to "bust up some shrimp" or something. I don't think it takes all that to deal with shrimp.  Maybe it was some big frozen 20 pound block. Who knows? I didn't ask.  His boss was standing there, and everyone looked quite jovial. So I felt alright about sitting down in my cubicle.

Coworker Meek  likes to buy the huge plastic containers of salad greens from time to time.  She can't eat it all before it goes bad. (I keep joking with her that her salad greens go bad in her $100 dollar fridge. If she had a $1600 french door fridge like mine, she wouldn't have these isshas). So she always asks if I want to split it.... she takes half, I take the other half.

Are you kidding? Do you even have to ask, Meek?

*snatching salad in the blink of an eye*

That's good stuff! And it's free! What I don't eat? I will juice with some apples, honey! Good good stuff!

Nothing like fresh raw veggies!

There's a food truck meet-up every Thursday some 4 blocks from my job. There looked to be around 15 trucks.

I've never ventured out down there, but some of my coworkers go every Thursday. Coworker Meek called from back in the lab and asked if I wanted to go, and I went, without any attention of buying anything. The days are cooler, and it would be a good day for a good walk. I just wanted to take some pictures.

One of the most interesting trucks was the Jamaican food truck.

That picture just makes you want to run up and get some good jerk chicken, doesn't it?

Meek got a huge plate of jerk chicken, rice, peas and cabbage.  It looked VERY good. I knew she had the itis after that.

I decided on some fries laced with sesame oil and red paper flakes, served with a little shirachi cheese dip.  I don't know what food truck that was from. I think it was cuban-mexican. I couldn't figure it out. All I know it was good. I had that and a popsicle.

It's always good to get out of the building a couple of days a week. It does me good to even get in the car and go somewhere for an hour.  It's amazing what that does for my mental...

Quote of the week. One of my friends posted this on Facebook.

That's a healthy attitude to have about oneself.

That's how I want to feel about myself. And I on my way there.

Song of the week. Oldie but goodie.

CowgirlCre just rolled her eyes at this song. I can see her doing it, lol. I use to play that TO DEATH in the cubicle area a few years ago. LOL. I really like that song.

Well, that's my photo edition of Friday Freestyles.

With that said, you all have a great Friday.

And have a great weekend!!!


  1. Sooooooo glad you left that on the shelf!!! It looks scary lol

  2. @Mama A... I know, right? I was even scared to touch it. Thought it would suck me in! Suppose to be good, though.

  3. Tell T-Love NEVER carry a machete and a hammer in both hands again!! One at a time next time so he won't look suspicious.

  4. I definitely left the celery root right where it was. I can't eat food that scares me!

    Man, I wish we had food trucks near my job. We used to have a cupcake truck come by but that's not the same.

  5. Yelp I would have gotten ghost had I seen T-Love w that cleaver!! You WONT b killing me even with a smile on your face!! Nerp!!

    Yep Lee you were right I did roll my eyes right on que!! LOL!!


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