Friday, October 17, 2014

HaPPy 50th Birthday to the Uncommon One, Chele

I want to say a extra special Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers CHELE!!!


A Happy 50th Birthday!!!!

And this is what 50 looks like on Chele! 

Ummph, Ummph, Ummph.

That Chele don't look a day over 20.

I wish I could look that way at my age of 44. Might don't make it, ya'll. Nope, might don't make that one.

I look at her and think... "Lawd... I wish I could be uncommon like her."

She is uncommon... meaning unconventional, unusual, atypical, extraordinary.

Don't forget exceptional and noteworthy.

She is uncommon. In other words, Chele is ALL THAT and a bag of chips.

And like the caption reads in the picture above...  

"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."


Chele has had such a powerful influence over the way I look at things over the years. So many times I've prayed about problems and I turn to one of her posts, and all the answers are laid out right before my very eyes. I have loved her transparency in so many of her posts, and I have learned much from her willingness to self assess and make the necessary changes. And that's saying a lot in this world that has the mentality of "I'm right and everyone else is wrong". With her, it's more of "I see a problem and I want to change to make things better and to make things right within my ownself".

And we know that true change comes from within.

I have never met her. She came to Atlanta one time several years ago, and I had a fleeting thought of asking if I could meet her... if only at a stoplight or in the Wal-mart parking lot.

But I was afraid. It would have been like that scene in The Color Purple, when Shug was leaving, and Celie wanted to say something... But she fainted.

Chele hollers  "Hey LadyLee!" in the Wal-mart parking lot.

I try to speak. But my words are caught in my throat. And I faint. I pass out on the hard concrete.

No way man. I would not embarrass myself like that. Un-unh.  So I just left it alone.

I will be like Celie, and just follow from afar.

She is iconic in my minds eye... so uncommon. Almost to the point of being mythic.

So Chele, I wish you a Happy Friday... and a Happy Birthday.

And I end with one of the quotes I've posted in the past that you seem to like.

"Don't discuss your uncommon dreams and goals with common people".

Dear Chele, the dreams you have had over the years are very uncommon, even recently. I have sat by and read what you've dreamed, and I have whispered a silent prayer of agreement. I have hoped your dreams, these uncommon dreams, will come to pass.

And I see that happening, right before my very eyes.

And what a blessing it is.  No hate from me... just a standing ovation and a mighty hand clap of support.

So here's to 50. 

Your 6th decade of life has begun.

And I am more than sure that you will uncover more layers of yourself, and make even more discoveries of who you are and find out just how far you can go...

I am sure you will reach more of...

The Uncommon.

Much love, Uncommon Original Oldgirl.

Enjoy your day...

From your fellow Original Oldgirl...


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  1. Thanks Oldgirl. I really appreciate you! By the way, I may be in the ATL in May ... just sayin!


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