Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

I don't usually celebrate any holiday except for my birthday. Birthdays are REAL holidays. You don't share those with anyone else you know, usually. YOU are the star of the show.

Other holidays are too commercialized for me. Halloween too, but not as bad.

But I want to wish anyone who goes all out for holidays a Happy Halloween.

*throws glitter*

I am giving out candy and chips.

Chips, Now & Laters, and bite-sized snickers. I will ruin some child's teeth for sure tonight.

I went looking for full sized candy bars, but I would have to buy a box of 48 bars. It is not going down like that. I only have 10-15 children come through. What the world will I do with a couple dozen of left over full sized snicker bars? I will not be bringing those to work. No way. Negroes who really don't like me would be up in my face, cheesing at my desk. Nope.

The local Whole Foods have... interesting pumpkins. 

Interesting.  Heirloom fruits and vegetables are pretty popular. But these look diseased.  A regular pumpkin would do just fine. Thank you very much.

One of my cubicle mates Lady S is always up for holiday decorations at her desk.

I was very much mesmerized by the witch ink pen in front of the Easter Basket.

I joke with her, whispering "I'm gonna put a nice bible verse up here on your desk."

She usually has a voodoo doll. Not this year. So I will save my bible verse for next year.

The folks at work, in the building next to mine, like to decorate.

They put their shredded paper in a pumpkin plastic waste bag. 
Someone even built a scarecrow.

He has on a workplace lab coat. That reminds me to order new ones.

And here's a display at the local mexican restaurant near the job...

He looks a little sad or tired.

And that's how I feel and look after a long hard day at work... minus the liquor and cigarette and the sombrero.


Anyway, if you are out and about this holiday weekend, be safe... on purpose.


  1. I'll take it all! HA HA HA! Oh I wish I could trick or treat in your hood!

  2. blessings.....
    love the array of pumpkins.


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