Thursday, October 30, 2014

Word Play 5

Today we have a HUGE word:


That is a BIG word.

8 syllables long!

And it's a type of instrument. Sort of kin to an x-ray machine, CT scan, MRI and the like. I think in this case magnetism is used in order to measure the electrical currents of the brain. And it looks as if some of the data was used to dismiss the whole notion that we use only 10% of our brain.

Something like that. I just know when I saw that word, I thought...

Dang! That is a huge word.

And I can use it for my 30 minute word exercise.

Let's see if I can get over 100 words in 30 minutes.

magnet, harp, net, mag, tone, cone, game, name, graph, rap, hag, gap, gape, halo, par, gel, note, net, lace, mace, hall, log, hog, rag, rape, goat, help, peal, goal, tone, agent, tame, came, cell, lame, collagen, call, mall, pro, heat, meat, neat, oat, pare, care, tare, tear, creep, ten, men, lean, goo, pool, cool, hoop, grope, rope, cope, hello, melt, goal, coal, rage, cage, parent, apparent, place, gent, gentle, lap, cello, pone, one, omen, once, loot, moot, mean, poll, placate, tonal, lent, meant, cent, pent, tempo, temporal, recent, logo, noon, moon, tangent, clap, clop, lop, gel, caller, hope, let, nap, pan, pane, cane, mane, halogen, alpha, mantle, camphor, camp, got, germ, gem, garment, cement, remote, large, march, arch, mange, gram, ram, tam, tome, gene, aloha, roll, toll, mole, pole, logger, hogger, tonal, local, mat, mate, pat, cat, grate, crate, rate, pleat, carpet, mono, monogram, champ, chap, hamper, camper, planar, plane, trace, grace, cram, telephone, phone. groan, moan, loan, lone

159 words.

I thought I would have done better than that. But I found that I needed a "s", and an "i".

Oh well. I learned a new word.


  1. I really, really like your blog. You make me think about things that I normally would not think about. Sometimes its a deep food for thought post that makes me think about the meaning of life or some other heavy something or other. And other times, you make me think in a fun way like this post does. Anyway, thank you for being you.

  2. This post made me wish I was an English teacher for about 5 seconds. I would give them words like this one as a warmup for the day


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