Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Of Pam and Motorcycles

So my car Pam has a few isshas from time to time.

That's her from her good side. The other side... well the tires have no hubcaps. I need to drive her more. Right now I may put around 500 miles a year on her.  I am sorry, but I have become a little more high class now. I like Lucy Jr. the Lexus' leather. Yes I do. But I jump in Pam every once in awhile.

Recently she needed some new front tires. It looks as if there were some dry rot issues.  They were REALLY old.  I bought some new tires a few years ago, but I like to buy two at a time.  That same day my brake switch broke. That's not that big of a deal. It is responsible for the brake lights going on and off. And with it broken, the lights stay on.

I could drive it, but I would have to unhook the battery for the night so the brake lights wouldn't drain the battery.

No big deal. I just order the part off of amazon. It is only $40.

So my cubicle mate Cowgirl Cre's father "Daddy Cre" takes care of that. Here he is the last time.

I am not limber enough to take care of all that. So when it broke this time, I called him up early on a Saturday morning. He told me to come on over. So I had to jump out of bed and shower and hightail it on over there before he left out for the day.

They only live 10 minutes away. So I made it over there in 9 minutes, lol.

Anyway, I like to go on in the house and chat it up with Momma Cre while Daddy Cre fixes my car.

And I like perusing the beautifully framed pictures on the dining room wall.

If you go in many black family homes these days, there will be pictures of the Obamas up on the wall. There is a nice one on the wall there:

That is nice...

But the pictures that draw me like a magnet are the ones of Daddy Cre... on his motorcycle.

That's a cool picture right there.

But this next picture is the coolest of all...

Now that is an awesome picture. I love it!

"I think I took those pictures," Cowgirl Cre said, when I asked her permission to post them.

I can believe that. And I can hear him now. "Hold on Cre, let me put my foot up. Let me lean over. Now take the picture."

*Cre snaps picture*

And that was long before the advent of digital cameras and cell phone cameras. Those pictures are from cameras loaded with film. And the film had to be developed by the drug store's photo department.

Those pictures will never get old. They are full of character and originality.

And Cowgirl Cre said, "That's how I remember my Daddy."

That's how I remember him too. I know he doesn't ride his motorcycle anymore, but those photos are timeless.

And I hope they will always keep those pictures up on the wall.


  1. Cre's daddy is as cool as a white box fan!

  2. Yep !! That's MY DADDY!! I will always remember him on his motorcycles doing wheelies up and down our street. It used to embrass me so because nobody else had a daddy doing such things. I did not like to draw too much attention. Looking back he was just cool and my friends even back then thought so too. As you can see my dad LOVES to take pics too!! He and one of his brothers used to ride. I hate I waited until my uncle died and my dad stopped riding to buy my motorcycle. My uncle rode until the ripe old age 84. When I say they rode... they rode... they went to the racetracks and raced back in their hay day!! Even at 84 my uncle rode all up in the TN mountains with friends. My daddy will give me a hand with my bike repairs or ride it to or from the repair shop for me.

    Yep Daddy is serious about our POTUS!! He put the first fam up on the wall like they are really blood relatives. LOL!!



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