Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Freestyles



And it's payday!

Glory... one mo' time!

This again been a short week. I have been sitting here working on a report for 2 weeks. Ugh. This should be the last day. Better be. I'm having to run back and forth to the lab to retrieve little pieces of data that don't look quite right. If I wasn't doing that, I would be at my desk for 8 hours straight. Not a good thing.


El Chapo Someone escaped from prison again. This time, it's "El Chapo". But this times it's different. He's the head of some mexican cartel and he's worth a billion dollars.


Couldn't be me.

EVERY single day of sitting in jail, I'd be talking smack.

"Ya'll know I'm getting out of here, right?"

EVERY day.

"This food is nasty. Ya'll know I'm leaving, right?"

I am surprised he didn't walk straight out the front door. Because the way everything went down, it looks like everybody was paid off. One doesn't do major construction, i.e., dig expensive elaborate tunnels with support beams without somebody noticing.

"I'm raising up out of here. Ya'll know that, right?"

And that's what he did. Walked into the shower, jumped through a hole and got the heck out of dodge.

That's what you do when you're worth a billion dollars. I'm not sure what the New York escapees were doing. They dug out, but didn't have a good plan to get out of there.

El Chapo is on an island sipping sweet tea right now. He escaped before, and it took them 13 years to find him. Ya'll won't be catching him now. Nope.

Cosby.  So a reporter asked President Obama his opinion on Cosby, pretty much, if he should take back a medal from him. Obama said there was no precedence for that but he added (paraphrasing) that if you give someone drugs, and then have sex with them, that it's rape.


Well, we all know that. But... when the President says it?

That's the nail in the coffin. Nothing else needs to be said. All of Cosby's supporters can just shut it down. Cosby himself doesn't even have to say another word.

I guess it wasn't enough that over 40 women came forward with their stories. You know, that type of trauma sticks with you forever. Last week, a part of a deposition was opened to the public, where he admitted to drugging a woman.

That's it for him.  Nothing else to be said.

Personally, I think he angered some higher ups, and they got him.  He's been protected forever. No more protection now.

This lets me pause for the Quote of the Day:

"You can do many great things in life, but  you will be remembered for the bad things you do or the troubles/controversies you have."

You don't believe me?

What's your first thought when you think of:

Richard Nixon.
Michael Jackson.
Billie Holiday

We can go on... and on... and on.

So Cosby has, for over 40 or 50 years, provided us with positive examples, everything from Fat Albert to the Cosby show and beyond.  We will remember all that. But we will, from now on, FIRST, think of all the drugging and rape issues. That will be the first thing that comes to mind.

Unfortunate. Yes. But you know when I knew that he had some darkness in his background? It was when he came out with all those speeches taring down the black community. Whenever I see some vehement stuff like that, I automatically think... what is this person hiding?

I'll let you ponder that for awhile. Pay close attention  in the future and you'll see what I'm talking about.

That's it for me.

The sweepstakes is still on... Comment to win. Not too many commentors, so uh... you have better chances to win!

Sweepstakes goes on through August 15.

Do I need a song of the day?  I suppose.  I like a LOT of interesting rap music lately. But I think I need to tone it down. Stuff to sensitive for ya'lls ears, lol.

Instead, I'll put up two of my favorite Mary J. Blige songs, songs that were never commercial hits.


"I'm in Love"... This is a remake of  a Gap Band song, I believe.

Both of those songs make me happy.

I read something interesting in a book last year.  It was an exercise. You should make a CD of your favorite songs and listen to it. Why? Because it will cause an internal chemical response, most notably, the release of calming and pain killing endorphins.

I read about some of the intricate science behind that. So these days, I pay attention to my responses concerning my favorite music.

I always kid that when I go to get my hair cut by my barber, the shop sometimes plays some intense rap music. Now I like rap, but my goodness. Wow. Real intense kill-everybody-sell-every-drug type of thing. I always say that if someone runs in hollering "Let's go do some drive-bys",  that I'd be the first to participate. That's how hard that music is.

I'm just kidding. But I always wonder, especially after the reading I did, what influences our mental environments. 

Seed is seed, you know. And our hearts are the most fertile of soils. That soil WILL produce...something.

And the subconscious mind is millions times stronger than the conscious mind.

Put all of what I have said just now together and you got some serious food-for-thought. Deluxe.

You ponder that. I'll ponder it too.

On purpose.

Over and out... Have a good weekend!!


  1. Honey when I first laid eyes on the Bills (Clinton and Cosby) and they were sitting up there denying and pretending and carrying on I knew they both did it. Looked guilty as all get out to me and my intuition picked up on it too.

    Chile them little tidbits you just put in there about music and subconscious mind, etc. just gave me life; Good stuff in this post!

    1. They don't look guilty. Or maybe I just don't pay that much attention. I DO pay attention to how VEHEMENT people get when it comes to judgmental criticism. Especially when the criticism jumps faaaar past being constructive. Hmm.

      I kept coming across a lot of spiritual stuff concerning the subconscious mind vs. the conscious mind. I have a whole nother level of appreciation for that now. Explains some of my ratchetness, lol.

  2. Yeah, I know that was a straight payoff for old dude to escape....AGAIN. Everyone got paid!!!!

    1. I would've walked straight out the front door. Word has it that that elaborate tunnel they built cost millions of dollars. Hmm...

  3. I need to read my CNN app alerts because I had no clue about El Chapo.

    It's ironic that you mention making a CD with songs that make you happy. I've been thinking of creating a playlist on my phone with songs that make me feel beautiful (self-love). I need to do that this weekend.
    P.S. I still put change in my mason jar. A little tip you dropped at the beginning of the year.

    1. Twitter is enough, lol. Get it all over there, right as it goes down. CNN is slow.

  4. I learned something new today from your post. I learned that the subconscious mind is a million times stronger than the conscious mind. I need to be more careful what allow in my subconscious mind.

    1. I need to do a post on that, because I came across that in a few books last year. It is a bit shocking. I never knew that until I read about it.

    2. Please do this has left me pondering some things.

  5. Anonymous12:57:00 PM

    Bill Cosby got the ' down vote' as soon as about the 5thish woman came forward. Everyone is not telling the same lie. I think he did/tried something to Lisa Bone' (sp?) , you never see her with the cast.


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