Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Morning Randomness



I'ma start celebrating my Mondays. I want to be different and move away from the norm of "Oh Gosh, it's Monday. Ughhhhhh."

Someone somewhere didn't make it through the weekend. I did. Good enough for me. Celebrate the day.

One of my prayers is always "God, I thank you for the day and all the great things that will happen today. If not for me, than someone else. Amen."

And I make a mental note of the good things that happen that day. And something good always happen.

Good is the normal. I heard that on a radio show the other day.

The news never reports that an airplane landed safely at your local airport today. That's not news. That's good. Now when the plane crashes? That's bad news. And it's all over the news. You see what happened when the plane disappears. That's even bigger news.

Just a mini food for thought there. Big lesson: Monday is a good day. Period.

My weekend. I hung out with my sister all day Saturday.  We didn't even leave the house. Somehow we got caught up lounging out and watching Lifetime Television for Women. Why? Because there was an interesting slate of movies.

The Girl I Met Online.
The Boy I Met Online.
The Husband I Met Online.
The Wife I Met Online.

And finally... the season premiere of The Bride I Bought Online.

I'll just say this: there was plenty of tomfoolery, deceit, anger, mental problems, sociopathy, and murder on Lifetime Television for Women on Saturday.

And here's the kicker: There were a ton of Online dating commercials the whole day. LOL! Hilarious. These movies were a cautionary tale against such.

 It was good to hang out with my sister. And I got a ton of crocheting done. I need to get as  much time in with her as possible.

I went to church on Sunday. This is a bizarre thing for me, as I usually go on Saturday nights. But it worked out well. I enjoyed myself. Then I ran a bunch of errands, which seems to be the norm on weekends. My only issue is that it was HAWT outside. My goodness. And today it's going to be 100 degrees.  The weather lady said the heat index would be 107 degrees. I don't know what the hell that means. But it means to me that I should keep my behind inside.

Song of the Week.  I don't have anything really... but here's an interesting Kendrick Lamar appearance on the Ellen show."These Walls"

I like how they did that. A bit more mature. Something for the grown and sexy!

The 10th Bloggaversary Sweepstakes is still in full full effect until August 15th. $100 gift cards up for grabs. I am not sure how many. It's all dependent on the number of posts I do. You just be sure to comment for a chance to mean. Texts and emails work, too. I have a good enough system to keep up with that. So holler back!

Look out for a full load of posts this week... on purpose.


  1. Anonymous2:58:00 PM

    I watched Lifetime all day Saturday, at least until I went to my 2nd job. My excuse, there wasn't anything else on. LOL!

    1. That was some craziness, wasn't it? I had stuff to do, but it was just interesting.

      Chewing gum for the brain. All day!

  2. I like your prayer of thanking God that something great is going to happen for you today, but if not you, someone else. That was a reminder to me to pray for blessings for other people more often, instead of always praying that God bless me.

    1. I am just trying to keep it positive. Good things happen daily. Good is the normal.

  3. I love this: thanking God for good if not for you than someone else. yes indeed ma'am I do love that! girl you know you had me rollin with that online Lifetime stuff. I think I taped the one about the online bride if that's the one with the teenagers who tricked some dude and he's going to get them. I plan on watching it this week sometime. lol

    1. Oh Ginae, that last one, The Bride I Bought Online was O_O. I want to know what you think of that one.

    2. I will let you know

  4. The heat index here yesterday was 108. People were looking at me like o_0 when I was standing outside cheesing. that heat felt good to my little anemic self for about 2.5 mins lol

  5. I should be grateful on Mondays. However, I have a nightgown that says, "I hate Monday's." Hahahhaha.


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