Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Afternoon Moments

It's Monday!


Even though some of us don't like Mondays...

We act like Mondays are horrid...

That's alright! I'm changing my perspective. I want my Mondays to be like:

Beautiful sunny days. Perfect temperatures. Beautiful flowers.

I'm in a little bit of a funk today. I feel better. The Cowgirl Cre had to come talk to me. She has known me for the last 20 or so years. She knows my good, bad, and completely ratchet side. I have to take her advice on a few things. It's nothing work related, but family related. No, me and my sister are okay. I'm just not family oriented and some things went down that I didn't necessarily agree with that had me giving the hard side-eye. I choose not to mention it here. But Cowgirl Cre had good advice as always. I need to get my mental right. And that will be done.  Thanks Cowgirl Cre for knowing me and talking.

This has been  a semi-productive day. I am pretty much done with my report. Then I wrote a more casual report to myself. So I will talk to my boss and see where I go from here. Glory!

Sad news. Bobbi Kristina passed yesterday. Here's a picture in happier times.

What's sad is that Cissy Houston has had to bury a daughter and granddaughter. Not only that, but it's all under suspicious/tragic conditions. There is speculation that this may be a murder investigation, so more info is coming out. As a grandmother having to live through all of that has to be horrific.

For myself, and my thoughts about it all, I have some issues in the back of my mind. I always imagined that fame and money was equal the good life. Life is supposed to be good. Carefree. Good life.

Yet this isn't always the case. It proves that trouble and tragedy spans across economic levels. I guess I just always close my eyes and imagine if I had all this money, etc., that life would be good. It's not the case. Life can take various twists and turns in the midst of good days. And bad days seem to get all the focus.

My hope is that they can bury her and get through all the mess. It is terrible to go through things, but to go through it in the public eye... sigh. We are spectators on something that should be very private. Sad.

Song of the Week. I want to play some Whitney Houston.  I love this video: "Heartbreak Hotel"

How gorgeous is that video?


Thoughts and prayers with the Houston Family.

That's it for me. I am out of here. The Bloggaversary Sweepstakes is still on and popping until August 15th. Run it like you run a marathon. Lots of posts today. I'm  reading some old journal entries from last month  and I'm trying to cull the epiphanies into something useful. I may not get to that until next week. But there are lots of posts planned for the week. I hope you enjoy them.

With that said... Have a good week on purpose.


  1. You ratchet I cant see that.

    Yes the whole Bobbi Kristina situation is very sad. I had me thinking that with all the money in the world, you still can have struggles.

    ((Hugs)) sent your way.

  2. Loved that video!! Whitney looked beautiful and sassy!!

  3. Anonymous4:45:00 PM

    Being born into wealth can cause many issues. Since you do not have to work , then you don't need to go to school/care about school, and you don't need to " do " anything. Those 3 concepts shape much of our personalities and outlook. So without the 3 some people are " shapeless".


  4. I hope you had a great Monday and are feeling better. Thank God it's hump day. Two more days!!

  5. As the saying goes, "more money, more problems!"


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