Tuesday, August 18, 2015

***10th Bloggaversary Sweepstakes Winners***

I was pretty busy today, so I didn't get a chance to post the winners.

Plus, my official puller, Commander Get Jiggy with it, was not in yesterday. Someone hit her car in a parking lot while she was shopping this weekend, so she's been fooling with the body shop.

You know it's bad when someone breaks your tail light and half knock off your bumper... and looks around and keeps going.

Whoever did that, you just ain't right. You just ain't. They must don't know that she is military, and trained in hand-to-hand combat! And she is highly trained in pulling my sweepstakes winners. She would've busted them UP if she caught them hitting them car, busted them up with her fists of fury!

Anyway, she is back at work and ready to pull. I love her excitement. I think her excitement is for the $10 gift card to her favorite local workplace eatery she earns.

Here are the names:

I thought there were 120 comments, but there were actually 197. I messed around and missed writing out the final week of comments. I did that last night. I know now it's easier to write down comments during the whole time rather than waiting until the end. There's a whole comment section in the dashboard and I was looking at it wrong. So I spent an extra hour last night making SURE everyone was listed and accounted for.

We decided the bag was too small. So we found a large envelope and placed the names inside.
Commander Git Jiggy Wit shook that bag up very well and started pulling names. Most pics came out blurry but I will work with what I have... Only because I may buy a new phone this week.

1st name is... Joanie V!

I think I know who that is. That may be Remnants. Not sure why she is using 2 google accounts. But Joanie V! Holler at me.

And the remaining 3 winners are...




Congrats to you all! You win $100 gift cards.  And Commander Git Jiggy Wit It certified them all!
Good for you! Laura, I was rooting for you because you were so... enthusiastic. But unfortunately, you didn't win. Good effort, though.

I was rooting for a multiple, too. Meaning one person winning 2 or more gift cards. Never seen that before, either. That would be interesting, though.

Congrats to the winners. You will have your cards sometime in September. Not this week because it is raining cats and dogs and outside. I ain't getting wet for ya'll.

Text me if you have my cell phone number, or email me.

Email addy:  Oldgirlladylee@gmail.com

I don't know how to prove you are YOU.  You just best get to me soon. Email me. If I don't hear from you, there will be an alternate winner. Email me!

Oh yes, I wanted to give away a cookbook.  The winner is:


Beautiful Oppulent Playboy. Something like that. Holler at me, brutha! You get a cookbook plus a $10 gift card from your place of choice.
I don't know if that will be from the local Burger King or Mickey Ds. Or Wal-mart. Your choice. Just don't make me have to run all over ATL looking for a card. Not happening, bruh. No way. So give me 3 choices.

Congrats to all the winners!

This makes me SOOOO giddy! I'm so happy that I feel like I won something!

I will get those cards when I can walk down to my local credit union. I think I will just get some Visa gift cards. That way you can use them for whatever you want. You can get that 6 pack of panties at the Wal-mart. Or you can be like your Grandma and special order a bedspread from the J.C. Penneys.

BOP... brutha, I hope you enjoy your Big Mac or Whopper meal.

Or your pack of boxer shorts on sale at the Wal-mart.

Congrats to the winners! Email me!

On purpose.


  1. boo! this was rigged! lol

  2. Impossible. I bring in a second person to pull names... you chicken.

  3. Oh no!! Shucks!! Thanks for rooting for me, because I was rooting for myself!! Maybe next year. I had fun anyway trying to win and I enjoyed all the post and I learned some things!! Congratulations to the ones that did win!!

    1. Next sweepstakes is in February for my birthday! Please try again, and I am so glad you enjoyed the posts!

  4. GLORY!!!! Now what you mean you don't know how to prove I'm me? you know who I am.. you play too much! lol...do I still need to email you?

  5. I'm back in the winners circle!! In the words of you on Payday Friday, Glory!!!
    P.S. I couldn't stop laughing at the part about buying a 6-pack of panties at Walmart or a bedspread. Lol. I need a new set of bedsheets. I may have to pay a visit to JCPenney or Bed, Bath & Beyond with the gift card. Thank you so much.

    1. You have won once before. 3 years ago, I believe. Congrats!

  6. Anonymous9:36:00 AM

    Congratulations to the winners! Thanks Lee for hosting the giveaway.

  7. Anonymous11:21:00 AM

    Yay, I won. So excited. Sending my email right now.
    Thank you.


    1. Congrats... got your email :)

  8. LADYLEE!!!! I was trying to email you to find out if emails would increase the chances of winning. I was trying the earthlink email address and it wouldn't go through. I went to your sight and found out I had won (Kinda a). I tried to email you with the yahoo email address and, actually I tried to put you in my contacts list and it wouldn't go through. I will try to email you with my info. Yes Yes Yes. A free pack of cigarettes!!!
    Cookbook is cool but I only really cook spaghetti if you call that cooking. Anyway, thank you.

    aka B.O.P.

  9. Just emailed you. Dude, I feel naked!!!! Will you respect me in the morning? :)

    1. Got it, Bro!! Earthlink email is over and out. But I got your email. I'll email you later.

  10. Congrats to all the winners.


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