Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Monday Afternoon...The Rainy Day Edition

Happy Monday Afternoon to ya...

I just got into work. And I am sitting here trying to plan my day... or what's left of it.  It's all nasty outside. I think we are getting some of this Hurricane Erica rain or something over the next couple of days. I texted my boss and said I would be in late. He said stay home if I needed to.  I wanted to holler "Don't tempt me, sir!!!"  But I texted him back and said that I felt like I had a bad headache, like I drank some bad liquor or something, but I was going to choke down some kale juice and all would be well.

That didn't get a reply.  He probably sat his phone down gently... and walked away.

I have data to pull and crunch and ponder. So that is why I am here! I will get all that done by 3. Then I can chill at my desk... and think about what to do next. 

This was a crazy weekend. I didn't do much of anything. I went to the local bootleg distribution warehouse to pick up some trusty tin foil pans that I use to heat up my food in, since I no longer have a microwave. My sister seems to be adapting well enough. I guess she is saying to herself, as soon as she gets her work visa she is outta here and she can buy a microwave. Yep.

This weekend was crazy because two folks of  many died... Wayne Dyer and Wes Craven. Now if you could get any more opposite, then I would be surprised. Wayne Dyer inspired me.  Wes Craven scared the cheese out of me with that Freddy Krueger foolishness.


And then there was the whole Donald Trump machine rolling along.

I tell you, this guy continues to surprise me. I wonder if we will end up having a president who unmercifully attacks people, calling them bimboes and sleezebags and losers? What have we come to?  Do ya'll think he has a chance? And do you think the foreign leaders of other countries are going to put up with the name calling and hate?

And uh... The Latinos... Ya'll need to start up a Latino Lives Matter campaign up and going... . QUICKLY.

Because ya'll are getting dragged through the mud. When did immigrants become such a instant problem? Wow!

Even Christie talking about tracking folks like Fed-ex.  Sounds all too much a part of a familiar and dark part of history. Let's just say I watched an interesting historic documentary a couple of weeks ago, and I had to blink twice... Because history may be about to repeat itself if we are not careful.

The Latino community can solve all of this tomfoolerly if they turn out and vote. Line up. Get to the polls. 100% turn out. Shut up ALL this foolishness!

I don't understand the republicans. I am sorry, but you will HAVE to appeal to more than the southern white males. Or you will not win anything. Sorry. That is all.

Did anyone see the VMAs last night? What the world?

Can somebody get your boy?

 What the world was he talking about last night? Was I just sleepy and didn't understand what was going on?

I have decided that I am officially too old for today's music. I think Old school is where it is at. Ya'll just too way out there for me. I miss the days of MC Lyte and Queen Latifah and LL Cool J... and Michael Jackson.


Anyway, he says he is running for president. This doesn't surprise me. If Trump can run, then anybody can run. Really.

Kim K. as First Lady, though...


Not trying to look at that every day. Nope.

Song of the Week. So I went in the lab and pulled my data. Just that quick. And I think I ran one of my coworkers out of the lab... because I was singing these two songs waaaaay to hard.


After watching last night's VMAs, I can appreciate REAL music.


Made my rainy Monday BRIGHT!!!

On purpose

I might have to pull out some of my old Queen Latifah... really though!

Have a good week!


  1. I'm too old school to even try to understand some of this new music. Peabo was the business back in the day--used to call it baby making music. Lol

  2. I haven't watched any music award shows in at least a decade. SMH. I sound like the generation before us saying I don't get today's music. LOL. SMH.

  3. Nothing like good ol Peabo.

  4. Anonymous4:30:00 PM

    This whole blog/ramble made me smile.


  5. Please don't tell me you texted your boss you might have drank some dark liquor. Lol


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