Monday, August 03, 2015

Monday is Here... GLORY!

Monday is here...

Glad for it! A new week is ahead!

This has been a pretty good weekend. There was much of this!

I had stuff to do on Sunday, but me and my sister Kentucky were laid out in the living room watching TV allllll day long, from nine in the morning until midnight! Wow!

Yes, I got some things done. I cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner. I suppose I should cook since somebody is in the house. There have been many a conversation with me saying... "Well, there's salad fixings in the fridge." She of course says, okay, but she's not eating that. I think she cooks something while I not here. I'm not sure. But I dug around in the freezer and found some frozen chicken and salmon. I knocked the ice off of it in hopes that it wasn't frostbitten. I baked some chicken, and I sauteed the salmon. I also made (what I REALLY wanted) some squash, and I stewed some okra and tomatoes. I wanted that over some rice. That was some GOOD eating. And she was happy to get a home cooked meal, seems like.

Humph. I'll cook. All she gotta do is ask. Double Humph.

I think I vaccumed the living room. But that's about it. House was somewhat clean from the day before, so I deserve a day to veg out.

Alas, I am OFF today. I deserve that. Lots of folks are off from work due to their children getting ready for school in the coming weeks. Last call for vacation time and time with the kids!

Me? I just need to go to Wal-mart. That was supposed to get done yesterday, but... oh well.

So a couple of pictures for you.

Here's the 1st place bell I won in the cookie contest!

How wonderful is that? And I've been running around the house ringing my bell! It sounds like a ship coming in to harbor.  The cats aren't nearly enthused as I am. Let's just say that I keep my beloved bell up on top of the book case. If I don't, I'm sure they will hide it from me.

The Cowgirl Cre bought me the most wonderful gift on Friday.  I saw her bouncing around the corner of my cubicle area with a big ol' bag of something...

An industrial size bag of snap pea crisps. I've always seen and brought the small bags in the grocery store. But I've NEVER seen a big bag. That's gonna last forever!!

(And check out my screen saver. That's what I point to when folks come over with some tomfoolery. Mitchell's facial expression of O_o is priceless).

I ordered a couple of cookbooks from the infamous Chef Darius!

Stories from My Grandmother's Kitchen.  I hit him up on Twitter on Thursday and said I'd placed my orders that Wednesday, and I was waiting next to the mailbox with baited breath for my books. I received them on Friday morning!

I'm not a big recipe book person, but I wanted to support him. What I am loving is the stories. I am enjoying the stories of his grandmother and her cooking. Such a good read on a cool Sunday morning.

He has a recipe for a cake that I posted once.

I didn't know it was HIS original cake. LOL!

I don't plan on making it. But I know some folks who might get up on that!

I want to make his roasted veggie rice pilaf, stewed greens with tomatoes, and collard green pesto, just to name a few.

If you want a copy, get on over to and order it.

I'm thinking about giving away a copy for the sweepstakes too. How'd you like that?

That's it for me. I want to steer a bit more spiritual this week, if you'd allow me. I am up to page 445 in my journals this year, and I'm going back and reading and highlighting a few epiphanies that have come from deep deep inside. They cannot be from me, because the test of that is that I spend months, even years, working what I learned and thinking about it. I tend to be highly analytical, and this may pose a problem, but I be so happy to get a good ramah word, some good revelation, that I just want to spend time chewing and gnawing on it and working it. And I am always amazed how a whole orchard of fruit can be produced from one little seed of revelation.

And if you've read this blog for any good amount of time, you know how I feel about seeds and fruits and roots and trees and the like. I LOVE and devour that type of thing. Always. Can't get enough of it.

I wanted to post some of them for my bloggaversary celebration. I think they will make you go...


On purpose.

Should I turn the comments off for it? No, I want.

I've always wanted to do that, though. So I can write what I want to write. But I do that anyway, so...

Stay tuned.

Sweepstakes is still on and popping. We are fast on our way to 3 gift cards for the drawing. No telling how many we can do!! I am EXCITED!!!!

*ladylee passes out from overexcitement*

You may ask me why... I am just happy to sow some seed. My heart is beating fast.

And you know how I feel about seed and fruit and trees and roots and... never mind.

Alright. I'll holler! Have a good week!


  1. Anonymous3:21:00 PM

    I need to check out those cook books. Even though due to this oppressive heat, I ain't cooking...LOL!

    1. I cooked yesterday. Only because my sister is around here. And she has been eating sandwiches or something. So I cooked for sunday.

      The book is beautifully done, and the stories are wonderful. They will remind you of when you were a child :)

  2. Love the screensaver!! Adding the cookbook to the sweepstakes would be nice! You are almost up to 3 gift cards, you think you are excited, I'm excited!!

    1. I hope you win a card, Laura. Strategy seems to be key. And there are not the usual high amount of comments, since I didn't shop this sweepstakes around and tell folk elsewhere about it.

      I like the cookbook. I love to support. I have watched Darius the last 7 years or so, go and grow! Most likely I will give one away. I think I can have it shipped straight to the winner, which is all the better!

  3. i admire you ability to journal. I stop and start and have for a couple of decades. SMH.

  4. I need to find a large bag on those peas. I tried the lentil ones last week. They were ok. I love your spiritual posts so post away. Even when it goes over my head and my meager understanding I know I'm being blessed anyway.

  5. That bell is so cute.

    Heading over to purchase a cookbook now.


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