Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesdays: Thanks a lot, Mitch.


  1. Mitch - I can do with the headphones as I see fit! This is my domain, my world. Calijoe and Ladylee are just extras; I'm the star of this realm. All hail Mitch. Hey Ladylee, us cats do eat pizza. Pepperoni and anchovies please.

  2. What?!! He is just doing what Callie Joe taught him. You wanted another pair anyway ... :)

  3. @BOP And that's probably how he's thinking. I bought that pair in April after he chewed the last pair. I have been keeping him away from them, but in less than a couple of seconds, right in my face, he did that. Sigh.

    @Cowgirl Cre.... bought another pair the next day, the pair I've been eyeing for a year. Cost $120. Retractable earbuds. With the "Cat warranty", lol. He get hold of those I just trade them in for another pair.


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