Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

I love Ten Tuesday Thoughts. The idea of it at the beginning though is so O_O.

But once it gets rolling, it's a good thing. I can clear my head in a matter of few minutes.

1. I had to be at work at 9:00 am instead of 10:00 am for a meeting today. It is amazing how leaving the house an hour early throws me off a little.

2. I left my expertly prepared lunch at home. This type of thing happens when I have to leave early. Next time I will just pull it out the fridge earlier. Or put my keys in the bag in the fridge the night before. That may be a problem... because I will be looking all over for my keys in the morning. Oh what a vicious cycle.

3. Sister Callie Jo and my sister are best friends right now. Sister Callie Jo is going to be singing old sad negro spirituals in the corner when my sister leaves. Sigh.

4. Mitch is not flipping out over my sister. He likes my sister, but he is very partial to me. She said he'll come around her, but once he hears that garage door go up he's out of her room and down those stairs in a flash. (Aww. I guess he's happy to see me). 

5. What I'm drinking right now: Dandelion root tea.

My sister is fond of it. It is a great coffee substitute. Not that I drink a lot of coffee. My limit is 2 cups per week, but I average 1 cup a month and that is good enough for me. But my sister has hellacious caffeine issues. This is better for her. It is good for me too, as I snatched a few of her teabags. I'm not sure how she feels about that, but... OH WELL.

6. I am enjoying these nice sunny ATL days. It is much appreciated after a week of monsoon rains in the ATL.

7. The work group meeting was good today. But I was kept an hour afterwards. Let's just say, if you ask me questions, then I will answer them. And don't be asking me anything when I'm... annoyed. That is all.

8. We have an ice cream social tomorrow at work!

Oh what fun!  I cannot wait! They have the best socials in this area. And it's right outside my supervisor's door! Oh joy!

9. And I volunteered to bring cookies. I don't know why I did that. That means I need to drop by the store and buy some butter and eggs. I think with me and my sister it is hard to keep up with what I need at home. Sigh.

10. I needed to go to the store tonight anyway for mason jars. I need to make more red pepper ketchup.

I cut up all my veggies for it on Sunday night. I am making a half batch, which is so much easier than a full batch. I will work on that while I am making cookies.

Oh what fun to spend a weeknight in the kitchen. :(

(Really :)... by faith. Amen and Amen).

I think I will be getting off from work a couple of hours early today.

Yes, that's the ticket!

With that said... this has been Ten Tuesday Thoughts!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Red pepper ketchup you say? I bet that is so good. I might need that recipe.

  2. Red pepper ketchup! What in the world?!

  3. The red pepper ketchup does sound good!! I guess it is ketchup with a little kick to it!!


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