Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Freestyles... The Politricks Edition

Honey child, it is Friday...

*waves Obama Church fan*

Thank God it is Friday, because I am one exhausted chicken.

Ya'll can have this working 50 hours per week. I have decided that it will only work out if I can turn back the clock to 1990, when I was a young and tender spring chicken. Otherwise, forget about it.

Besides... they have decided that they don't want to pay overtime. And I am at my 24 hours limit of credit time.


They can kiss my ashy kneecaps.

That is all.

Anyway, again, I am glad it is Friday. And it is PAYDAY!


I am going to sit here and pay some bills while I eat lunch. Lunch consists of 3 sliced apples. I thought I would go out to get something, but it's too cold.  So I will eat my apples.

It is 42 degrees today in my beloved ATL. I got a good mind to go out and buy a coat because these hoodies ain't getting it. At all. I can't run fast enough into the workplace from the car. Sigh.

I have a coat at home. Somewhere. I just rather not wear one.

Politricks.  My oh my. I tell you what... my republican ticket was Bush/Rubio.  And my democratic ticket was Clinton/Castro.

My oh my how things change. Who woulda thought that Jeb Bush would be out of the race? How did he let Trump push him out like that.

And I have no idea who will be a viable candidate for the Republican side now. Well yes I do. Kasich seems to be the only adult in the room. And someone needs to wake Ben Carson up and tell him to go on and get somewhere. Don't he know the following?

Ben didn't know? He better go ask somebody. Ask Herman Cain and the rest of them. You are window dressing, Sir. That's why you were getting ignored so badly in the debate last night.  Use this gig to sell more books. That's all I'm saying.

Speaking of the debates... Isn't it interesting how the republican debates differ from the Democratic debates. One of them is very mature. The others in a catfight.

A catfight at the club.

The lack of civility on the republican side is astonishing. And that slogan is pretty fascinating.

Take our country back! Make our country great again!

What the hell is that suppose to mean??

Sounds like a dog whistle to me. Because you KNOW they won't explain it.

We all know what that means. The white supremacists are WAY too excited about all this.

The headlines say much, don't they?

I will tell you what my stance is.

LadyLee is NOT going to be a slave.

LadyLee is NOT going to pick cotton or sugar cane.

LadyLee is NOT sitting in the back of the bus. LadyLee has TWO cars. And even if she didn't, she STILL won't be sitting in the back of the bus.

LadyLee is NOT doing a ton of stuff that the negro folks had to do in the past.


So ya'll can take your country back to Dixie or whereever you're taking it.

That's what it means to me. Surely it means something more... civil. But I haven't heard a clear explanation of what it is.

Nothing worse than scared and angry white folks.

Ya'll are not getting those special times back. Ya'll THOUGHT ya'll were having a problem out of black folk as it is. Try enslaving us again and ya'll really will have a problem on your hands. So close your eyes and keep dreaming.

I was at the doctors office the other day and there was an elderly white woman behind me whispering to someone else about how scared she was and how at the churches (her kind of churches, I suppose), that she is happy because things will finally be set back right. She was talking about leaving the country, just whispering all loud.

Humph. Trump supporter... You know what that means.

I wanted to turn around and say "If you don't take yourself back to your trailer park with all that mess!"

I respect my elders.

And besides.... Hills got this.

If she ain't got it, she better get it. She better get in formation.

You know the next president gets the pick the next 2 or 3 supreme court judges, right? That's what this really is about.

I HATE voting Democrat. Simply hate it. I wish we had 5 parties to choose from. That's simply not the case. And like Lindsey Graham said yesterday, his [republican] party has gone bat shit crazy.

So I have no choice but to vote democrat. Bernie or Hills will do. I want to see who Bernie chooses as a running mate. That's my issue with him, because he's a bit... elderly.

That's my politrical thoughts for today.

And that's for me.

Have a good weekend. On purpose.

I know I will, since I'm not working this weekend, lol.


Slap the *crickets* out the way, kindly step up to the mike, and SAY something!!